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Tiffany's Amber #6

"Game balance."

It's been the heart of Tiffany's Amber for quite a while. And, on this, the first Tiffany's Amber to be posted on the mailing list rather than the bulletin board, I think it'd be good to say a few more words about it.

But I can't.
I don't know what it means.

So ...
Here're some new, lesser, versions of the blood curse, for all of you who have no Amber blood.

Hair Curse

This power rests in the blood of the noble houses of Chaos: to give a powerful and terrible curse, evoking the character's personal relationship with Primal Chaos, and directing most of their life energy towards some frightening goal. The one so cursed will doubtless suicide in despair.

In game terms, the person so cursed will acquire 5 points of bad stuff, specialized in hair. That is, whenever anything involving hair can go wrong for them, it will. Their own hair will be snarled and ratty. The hair of their friends will frequently get caught in their clothing. And, perhaps most frightening of all, the hair of the Chaosite who casts the curse will come free from the Chaosite's head, and stalk the accursed one. When the Chaosite has completely regrown their hair, the curse ends, and the Chaosite may make another one if they so choose.

Toenail Curse

Even the weakest of Shadows may cast the toenail curse: a relatively unimpressive thing, evoking the character's personal relationships with friends, lovers, and family.

In essence, the caster of the toenail curse puts their toenail trimmings in their victim's drink, and intones 'Apso Ignem Quietus'. When this is accomplished, the victim's enjoyment of their drink will be greatly reduced, and they will be faced with a minor but noticable health hazard.

Hurt Feelings Curse

Amberites who read this, I know, will be fuming. "But we have spent 50 points for our blood curse," they will be saying. "How can you possibly give another curse to everyone but us?"

Fear not! The 'Hurt Feelings Curse', a lesser version of the Death Curse of an Amberite, may only be cast by those with Pattern. The character, suffering under some vile and unwarranted wound to their self-esteem, need merely call the Pattern to their mind, and say to it, "So and so hurt my feelings."

In game terms, the character is trading away a single point of Stuff in order to reduce the victim's Stuff by one. This will go away in an hour, which is okay, because nice people will probably have made up by then.


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