Tiffany's Amber

Tiffany's Amber #7: Why Amberites Never Get Dates

The Pick-Up Line

Worlds' End Bar(#0RHaJ)
Carpetted in soft red, its heavy, polished wooden tables and comfortable, leather-backed chairs tinged sepia beneath the light from stained coach-lamps on the smokey rafters, this bar does not at first seem out of the ordinary. It is only when you notice the enormous variety in food and drinks here, or the diverse speech of its patrons, or the fact that nobody here ever seems to pay, that you begin to realise that this is no ordinary shadow bar.
For this is the Worlds' End Bar, and it drifts unanchored, through shadow. It is a place where Amberite Princes mix with the lowest of shadow-rats. A place where Law and the Lords of Chaos wheel and deal beneath a thin layer of conviviality. A place where lives and nations are bought and sold, where secrets are buried or revealed over tea, or a glass of wine. A place to enjoy yourself, but warily.
The bartender on duty is Astrid, and the servers are Kumiko and Gilbert.

Shadow_Girl sips at her drink.

Julian wanders up, and leans against the bar.
Julian says, companionably, "You know, I have a near-legendary self-control."

The First Moves

Shadow_Girl glances over. "Hey, got a light?"

Brand's eyes flash, once. One end of the cigarette births a ruddy glow.

Shadow_Girl says, "Um, yah. Okay."

The Witty Banter

Shadow_Girl's eyes linger on Bleys' fair red locks.

Eric smiles thinly. "That's a toupee, you know."

Shadow_Girl blinks, and turns her attention back to the King. "Oh?"

Eric nods, pouring wine from his bottle into both of their glasses. "He has male Pattern baldness."

Shadow_Girl eyes him.

Eric grins spasmodically. "It always worked for Corwin."

The First Drink

Shadow_Girl lifts the vodka towards her lips.

Brand's eyes flash, once. The surface of the vodka catches fire.

Shadow_Girl looks nonplussed.

Showing Off

Finndo turns his greatsword over, once, in his hands.
Finndo grunts. "You want ... touch it?"

The First Kiss

Shadow_Girl tilts her head back. "Aren't you going to kiss me goodnight?"

Brand's eyes flash, once. Shadow Girl's lips catch fire.
Brand turns, and stalks away.

In Bed

Gerard balances on the diving board above the bed.
Gerard shouts, "Geronimo!"

After Bed

Corwin explains, "Sorry, got to run. I'm a bastard."

Saying Goodbye

Shadow_Girl says, "Look, I just can't keep this up ..."

Brand's eyes flash, once.


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