Tiffany's Amber

Tiffany's Amber #8
Coffee or Tea?

Gerard looks seriously at Tiffany. "Did you think I wouldn't find out?"

Tiffany blinks. "Hmm?"
Tiffany wonders, "Is this about my conspiracy to take the Chaos throne? I wasn't planning to hurt Jenner, much."

Gerard shakes his head, looking blankly at Tiffany.

Tiffany frowns. "Is this about my being online all the time even though I'm probably dead?"

Gerard stares.
Gerard finally indicates the empty carton. "You drank the last of the milk."

Got Milk?
This Tiffany's Amber brought to you by the American Dairy Farmer's Board.

It's hard for me to step back from the spotlight, but in the time since my last contributions issue, people have suggested a whole bunch of gems to use in this column. Keep the ideas coming! I still get +mail, every now and then ...

New Powers

Fake Sorcery (idea due to Christoph): 5 Points

Everybody loves the sorcery code, but not everybody can justify having sorcery. After all, in the world of AmberMUSH, it's conception that is paramount. But where, the public has wondered, does this leave the humble fishwife or samurai ... born to a world without magic ... yet wanting to live the whole experience of hanging spells, setting casting formats, and waiting in exquisite tension to see if they'll be interrupted before they can tremblingly find their +release?

With 'fake sorcery', that's where. Fake sorcery, created, no doubt, at the Chronos Institute, is a system of simple words, gestures, and perceptual effects that can produce mundane effects ... while using the sorcery code! Some of the spells available to the fake sorcerer include:

and the ever-popular

Look into it. The next fake sorcerer could be you.

Twink Association (idea due to McCormick)

Basic Twink: 20 Points

The PC with Basic Twink Association knows, and even associates with, a few twinks. These can be any kind of twink: the Amber universe is large. There are only two powers associated with basic twink, but the PC should never forget that their twink comrades are a resource, that may be mercilessly exploited at any opportunity.

Self-Justification. The character with basic twink association is able to justify things to themselves that other people might not. For example, they might say: "Well, I'm abusing consent a little, but at least I'm not as bad as X. (1)" This can be a comforting and healthy thought.

Crowd of Last Resort. When not doing anything important, the PC can always associate with their friends among the twinks. Should they be shunned by their peers, these twinks may form a 'social group of last resort' ... accepting of any behaviour, however outrageous, as perfectly natural and right.

X is a legendary twink famed for the quote, "I ignore the nuclear explosion and press my attack."

Advanced Twink: 0 Points

In the original Amber books, characters with the advanced version of Twink Association were rare. On the MUSH, unfortunately, this power has spread like wildfire. When you reach advanced twink, you are no longer merely associated with twinks: rather, you are accepted by them as one of their own. For this reason, the 'Crowd of Last Resort' is no longer available to you: when you become an advanced twink, you are no longer cooler than those you associate with.

Consent Abuse. Advanced twinks have one of the most potent powers in the Amber multiverse. If an advanced twink does not wish to be harmed, then no power can harm them. Bullets will pass harmlessly through nonessential brain tissue; Logrus tendrils and the shifting worldlaws become powerless to affect them. In short, if you've got a hankering for a death, the advanced twinks don't want to play.

Stat Abuse. Whenever one comes into conflict with an advanced twink, their highest stat is automatically used in all +cmpattr's. It is not that the other statistics are irrelevant; rather, they are simply an affair for lesser folk to consider.

Desc Abuse. Advanced twinks may legitimately use any descriptive phrase they like in their desc, or even two contradictory phrases! They can be the most beautiful woman or devastatingly handsome man imaginable; their eyes pierce to your very soul. They can be transcendentally noble and sweatily erotic; they can be powerfully built and whiplash-lean. There are rumors that some people with this power are only basic twinks, lured down the garden path: is there still time to save them?

Exalted Twink: -20 Points

Little is known about this level of twink association, at which one's very name is associated with the thought 'twink'. In the original series, Brand and Oberon were twinks; in the second series, Merlin was the most qualified. That none of these have this power on their sheet can only be a positive indication.

It is rumored that at this level, the twink can eavesdrop on table conversations, create armies of 100-point followers, have an effective 60+ in each stat with creative name-shuffling, @teleport anywhere in the database, or even make RL death threats to the Amber wizards in order to get their own way. It is believed that the last such twink was killed by Dworkin's own hand ... but little is known.

New Attributes

Mutterluck (idea due to Rand)

Does anyone still remember when you couldn't control what you muttered, and had to trust to luck? To your own personal mutterluck?

Well, maybe nobody does. But I thought the stat was a good idea :)

New Personalities

Fred, Blind Trump Artist of Amber (due to Ramen): 100 Point Version

Here's an idea. What if Random & Vialle had a litter of blind Amber brats, and Dworkin secretly taught one of them Trump Artistry, just because, and I quote, "I thought it would be a hoot?"

That brat is Fred. His build is stately; his beard is firm; his fashion sense is abominable. He'll make a Trump for anyone, anyone who asks. He's a Trump slut.

There's only one problem. If you have two Trumps done by Fred, you'll never be able to tell them apart.


Were your ideas left out? Drop me a line! I may have forgotten :)

And ...


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