Tiffany's Amber

Tiffany's Amber #10
The Polly-anna Plague

"The new Ford Lexus, people say, isn't much in comparison to Logrus Imprint.

It doesn't go as fast ... only a smooth 120 mph at full throttle.
It's more expensive ... it costs handfuls and handfuls of Shadow currency.
It's got fewer options ... only a finite number!

But it's also got something that no Logrus will ever have.

The Ford Lexus. It'll drive you where you want to go.
But it won't drive you mad."

This Tiffany's Amber
brought to you by Ford (tm)
"It won't drive you mad."

This Tiffany's Amber has an environmental message to bring. So listen closely!

Chaos has been abusing its natural resources far too long. Official scientists estimate that at the current rate of garbage disposal, the Abyss itself will be full within half a millenium. The great sea of Chaos evaporated unexpectedly during a dinner party thirty years ago. And the Logrus ...

Every year, more than two hundred tendrils of the Logrus are snipped off by callous Lords of Chaos and angry housewives.

What if, someday, it runs out?

Well, it wouldn't be all bad, of course. It would be a lot easier to walk. People wouldn't have to maneuver a swirling three-dimensional Logrus maze. They'd just ... sort of ... hop ... to the center.

But think about the effects on national pride. No longer could the Houses of Chaos proudly take the Logrus as their symbol. People would look at them and ask, "Wot's that small green dot on your emblem?" And they wouldn't be sure, so they'd probably say, "It's spinach juice," and try to wipe it off.

No longer would Suhuy be a great man, keeper of the Logrus Ways. His house would never be the same. He himself would die a broken man, or perhaps get a second job as a janitor.

Logrus Masters who wished to reach through Shadow would wiggle their arms an awful lot, and then finally look awfully embarassed and just point at things.

People would invent derogatory nicknames for the new, smaller, Logrus. Perhaps they would just call it 'The Log', and sing that stupid Ren & Stimpy song all the time.

Demons would consider it beneath their dignity to be bound by 'the power of Log', and would almost certainly revolt and take over Chaos.

And, of course, there's no guarantee that a point-sized Logrus would be any good to anybody. Or is there? Together with my assistant, Martin, Tiffany's Amber decided to find out.

Lower-Dimensional Powers

The Logrus is three-dimensional, and the Pattern two. I decided that the logical first step in our study would be to make a one-dimensional Power. "Besides," I reasoned, "One line is probably all I could draw before getting exhausted, anyway!"

Since King Eric is missing, he will not be able to contradict my story of how we cleverly stole upon him and won the Jewel of Judgment from him in an eating contest in Switzerland. Once that was accomplished, however, we were ready. I looked into the Jewel, and found a line that seemed to reflect my meness pretty well. It was sharp, sort of fuzzy, and bright red.

I set myself then, to etch a Line. I remembered the good times in my life. The scent of soap surrounded me. And then ...

Well, it wasn't pretty. My detractors were right. I don't have Dworkin's endurance. Halfway in, I started to get really really hungry. Thoughts of mashed potatoes and cream pies and duck a l'orange and long pork and chocolate filled my mind. That's why I have to warn you in advance that I'm not going to describe the Shadows that can be found off of Tiffany's Line. It's, well, embarassing.

But then, as simply as that, I was done. I fell ... nay, collapsed ... at the far end of my line. Brand showed up. He taunted me. He took the Jewel from around my neck, and three bowls of chocolate pudding, one bag of sour cream & onion potato chips, and the Stay-Puft marshmallow man's leg. And then he vanished.

Damn that man.

Tiffany's Line Imprint (10 Points)

The initiate of Tiffany's Line gains many fine powers.

Shadow Tightropewalking. The initiate of Tiffany's Line gains the ability to walk through Shadow, but only in one direction. They walk through Shadow by envisioning the Line as a kind of 'imaginary tightrope', and walking from one end to another. When they reach the end, they must stop, and, without leaving the Shadow where they stopped, run back to the imaginary beginning of the Line. They may then resume Shadow travel. Some Initiates can only walk towards Chaos, while others can only walk towards Amber: the difference appears to be which end of the Line they started at.

Line Backers. Initiates of Tiffany's Line have a mysterious charisma that ensures that, wherever they are, big burly men in uniforms will always support everything that they have to say.

Shadow Resources. Wherever an Initiate of Tiffany's Line is in Shadow, they will always be able to find food. It might not be good food, but it will be either tasty or nutritious.

Advanced Tiffany's Line Imprint (40 Points)

The advanced initiate of Tiffany's Line is, basically, someone smart enough to have walked the Line both ways. For this reason, they may walk in either direction through Shadow, although they still have to futz around with the imaginary tightrope stuff.

Advanced Initiates also gain the power to modify distances within a Shadow. For example, an Advanced Initiate who lives on Shadow Earth and wishes to spend time in both Paris and Zimbabwe could bring the two of them closer to one another. The shortest distance between any two points is an Advanced Initiate of Tiffany's Line.

Martin's Point

Emboldened by this success, we decided to make a further experiment. First, of course, we would have to have the Jewel.

Since Brand denies ever having had the Jewel, he cannot contest our story that we found him stone drunk in a bar telling the locals, 'I coulda been God, you know.' and took the Jewel from around his neck. We thought about gloating, but then he threw up, so we left.

Martin's experiment with the Jewel was to be simple. We went out to a beach overlooking the ocean ... like many of them do ... and he took the Jewel, and tried to draw a single Point on the ground.

He claims that he did, but when he stumbled and fell, we lost track of where it was. This was terribly distressing for all concerned, and Martin resolved that he would try again.

This time, we put a net beneath his feet to catch the Point when the Jewel drew it. This was, unfortunately, another failure, as nets, we discovered, have many holes in them for some reason or another.

Then I glorped out around his feet, reasoning that if he drew the Point on me, that I would not be able to lose track of it. I had forgotten that, at the time, I was the only living Exalted Master of Tiffany's Line, and that trying to mix Powers like that hurt. The Point wouldn't take.

Finally, Martin walked to somewhere where there was no friction and the beach was a hollow bowl, and before it had completely filled with water, we managed to draw the point and watch it roll to the exact bottom of the beach, where I could dive down and Initiate myself on it.

Martin's Point Imprint (1 Point)

There is at least one advantage to walking Martin's Point. If you can find it, ... heck, if you can find any of them ... then you can hop to the center of it and instantly teleport yourself anywhere in Shadow.

Void where prohibited by law.

That's all she wrote; draw your own conclusions.

Well, okay, one more thing ...

Q: Where do all the clipped-off tendrils go?
A: To Jesby.

No, seriously. Simon's been collecting them. He's going to tie them all together and make a Logrus all his own. With Simon imprint, he says, you can go anywhere, grab anything ... except when Simon doesn't say ...


Tiffany's Line due to ........................................................................................ Tiffany!
Tiffany's Line Imprint due to ........................................................................... Gerard!
Martin's Point due to ....................................................................................... Martin!

I would also like to thank all the members of the Academy.


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