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This is a no-frills introduction. In the following messages, I'm going to talk a little bit about an AmberMUSH plotline. It was my creation. It was a brilliant success, and a miserable failure. That's why I think it's worth presenting. :)

I could present a lot of my own thoughts, but I'm going to try and keep that to a minimum. Hopefully, most of this will be enjoyable reading, and will stir your own thoughts and conclusions.

When I started this, I had three goals:

  1. I wanted to try GMing on Amber, as opposed to just playing.
  2. I wanted to run a psyche domination that wasn't just a +cmpattr.
  3. I wanted to experiment with Amber politics.

The basic plot was this. Constantine was an advanced Trump artist, and also a general of Chaos. He involved himself too heavily in a Shadow, and became the victim of a Shadow mentalist who rapidly perceived the value of Trump. From there, things developed inevitably...

-- Keely!

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