Yatashi: Preludes

Lovecraft wrote of things that lived between the universes. They can come into our world, sometimes. And when they are here, the laws of reality turn around. It can drive most human psyches mad.

For the purposes of this story, Lovecraft was nearly correct. There is a set of Shadows somewhere in the multiverse that move, that can be called. They have a kind of unholy inhuman sentience to them, one that can easily be considered 'evil'. Someone created them, a long time ago, some mad sorcerer of Chaos trying and failing to scribe his own Logrus with the magics of blood and death. There are other interpretations of the Lovecraft mythos that can fit the Amber universe; however, this is the one I have been using.

Yog-Sothoth is one of the sentiences of these Shadows. Tiffany and Yatashi are both children of his, in some sense. They are 'Gates': when summoned, with the magic or science of a Shadow and a fragment of Yog-Sothoth's Name, they have a dual nature. They are shaped both by the world of their summoning and by the stuff of Yog-Sothoth from which they come.

Tiffany was formally summoned most recently to the 'Berkeley Mob' Shadow. This Shadow is pretty much a four-color comic-book universe, tinged with some realism. It's where Tanith was born, and where Constantine tended to hang out. The first time she was summoned to that Shadow, it was by moderately incompetent cultists. More recently, when her form was decaying, Constantine, Tanith, and Terel arranged for her to be summoned there again.

That's when this plotline starts. Because an old adversary of Tanith's, the Lovecraftian mage and Catholic priest known as Father Brown, was pretty closely attuned to this sort of thing. And he used the weakening of the world walls to bring something else in. That is, Tiffany's sibling, Yatashi. Who promptly broke out and took over Father Brown's mind.

For several reasons, Yatashi's only logical target at this point was Tiffany. This was awkward ... the person I'd lined up to play Yatashi decided not to, and my running both of them for that was a bit silly. So Tiffany stayed out of Berkeley long enough for Yatashi to get an idea of what Constantine, as a Trump Artist, was. That is, power in some senses over Shadow ... enough to hand him his father on a plate. And enough connections to make Chaos the second course. No log exists of their first meeting, at a Pakistani restaurant ... after that, it's pretty well documented.

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