Yatashi: Part 0

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Father Brown is a sorcerer ... the evil kind. Tanith's clashed with him in the past, once, when he was using a townful of people as an energy source for an attempting summoning of Yog-Soggoth.

Yatashi is one of Yog-Soggoth's pieces ... an extension, but with free will. Its gender is ambiguous, and wobbles back and forth in the absense of clear-cut visual clues. It radiates a dark feeling, and works as a 'Voice' ... a speaker for its father.

Tiffany is Yatashi's sibling, and an established character. She is also a Yog-Soggoth piece, but she isn't employed as a speaker ... rather, she serves as the access point for the Mor, an artifact.

Some odd things go on in these logs. There are two ways to look at them. One is a psyche attack, with sorcery augments. The other is that Yatashi is, as part of Yog-Soggoth, a piece of a Shadow, a dimension different from ours. And that he is a dream-demon, who can take minds away from the bodies and play with them there.

Almost all of the paging 'is this okay?' etcetera has been taken out of the logs. Similar with some off-screen action.

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