Yatashi: Part 1

Scene O

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Yatashi introduces himself to Constantine and Tanith at a Pakistani restaurant, and leaves an invisible 'rat' to haunt Constantine's apartment.

Between these two scenes, the 'rat' discovers Constantine's Trump abilities.


Tiffany's Viewpoint

Tiffany is visiting Constantine, who calls Yatashi to come over and visit, too. Yatashi sets up a gateway to the one place Constantine is least likely to be armed, in here ... can you spot it?

Yatashi has arrived.

Constantine smiles. "Hello, Yatashi. Care for anything to eat or drink?"

Yatashi says pleasantly, "Good day." He considers. "Something, to be sure." He looks over. "Tiffany!"

Constantine busies himself with a second starfruit.

Tiffany smiles. "Yatashi!" She hugs him. "How are you? How have you been? What brought you he ..."

Yatashi puts a finger to Tiffany's lips, hushing her. "Hey, sister."

Constantine finishes slicing, and presents Yatashi with the plate.

Yatashi nods, accepting it. "Thank you."
Yatashi glances around. "May I sit?"

Constantine says "Oh, please do."
Constantine says "There's really only the floor or the futon, but either is fine with me."

Constantine says "And the couch, of courses."

Yatashi nods. He drifts over to the couch, and takes a seat. "Please. Join me."

Constantine gets himself a glass of water, and sits next to Yatashi. "How do you find Berkeley?"

Tiffany zips over near Yatashi and sits down on the floor opposite him, on the other side of a table if there is one.

Yatashi flashes teeth. "It is a vibrant place. It's rare to find a world where so many things can happen."

Tiffany says "You didn't answer my questions!"

Constantine says "Mmm. Full of possibilities, neh?"

Yatashi nods. "It is, truly." He grins, and turns to Tiffany. "Ah ... I have been well enough. As well as one gets in my line of work. As for my coming ... I suspect you have something to do with it? There was the remains of a ritual circle on yonder hill ..."

Tiffany thinks. "Oh." She smiles cheerfully. "Tanith and Constantine and Terel got this man to summon me!"

Constantine says "You said something about that, at the ritual, neh, Tiffany?"

Tiffany thinks. "But I don't think it was Mark's fault! Yatashi would have appeared there and not off eastish."

Constantine says "Well, I'm not really a good judge of these things. Think you'll be staying in Berkeley for a while, Yatashi?"

Yatashi nods. "There is business I should conduct while I am here. And, as I have said, I admire the world."

Constantine says "Mmm. I can't blame you, as I said. It's an intriguing place even aside from my friends here."

Yatashi nods, and then frowns. "Mm." He looks slightly annoyed. "I'm sorry ... this fruit does not agree with me. Where are the ... facilities?"

Constantine motions to the bathroom door. "Right there."

Yatashi nods. "Thank you. And my apologies." He sets the plate down, stands, and moves off into the bathroom, closing the door and flicking the lock.

Tiffany wonders proudly, "So, what do you think?"
Tiffany says "I always thought that being a Voice would be exciting."

Constantine says "What does being a Voice mean, exactly?"

Tiffany thinks.

Tiffany waves her hands about. "Well, there's Daddy, right? And then there are the others ... like thulu and stuff. Between the universes."

Constantine nods thoughtfully.

Tiffany says "But they can't talk to each other directly, because they're not in a universe, and so they're not in the same universe."
Tiffany says "So they send Voices, which basically go into the other Elder's place and talk."
Tiffany says "Sometimes, they go to help cultists and such."

Constantine says "Like avatars, then?"

Tiffany thinks.
Tiffany says "Sort of."

Constantine grins a bit. "Or living Trumps, but I'd guess that understates it."

Tiffany thinks.
Tiffany says "Sort of. Except with only one side."

Yatashi makes odd noises.

Constantine glances over at the bathroom.

Yatashi emerges, looking more cheerful. "I'm sorry; I sometimes have trouble with food."

Constantine says "I'm sorry. I should have thought, neh? All's well?"

Yatashi nods. "Quite all right."
Yatashi sits down again. "Mm. I hate these socially awkward moments." He smiles. "I must restrain my tendency to swap 'general' stories ... my own experience with war is no doubt paltry compared to your own. Is it a family business with you?"

Constantine smiles politely. "No, not at all. It's a personal trait."
Constantine says "I tend to avoid trading war stories, actually."

Tiffany grins. "Constantine is a very good general, except that he doesn't know talent when he sees it!" she says cheerfully.

Constantine stretches slightly. "These days, I regard my job as being maintaining peace. If I have a lot of war stories, it only means I've failed too much."

Yatashi smiles. "Honorable, although I think you wish to take too much blame upon yourself. As for that ..." he grins. "If you will not talk of war, shall we talk of love? Or are you lacking stories altogether?"

Constantine says "Well, let's see."
Constantine says "Some stories are too close to the heart, neh?"

Yatashi grins. "If you like."

Yatashi says idly, "Did you decorate the place yourself? I like the vibes."

Constantine grins back. "I might tell the story of how Tiffany tried to learn to joust, if she didn't object."
Constantine says "Oh, yes. I paint, in my spare time."
Constantine nods at the portrait. "That's mine; the wall piece is something I'm working on as a bit of an experiment."

Tiffany peers at Constantine.

Yatashi studies the picture, air hissing between his teeth. "It's an elegant likeness," he concludes after a moment. "And well-composed."

Yatashi says "Oh, do tell the story. I would love to hear it."

Tiffany considers thoughtfully, and nods.

Constantine grins at Tiffany.

Constantine smiles. "Thanks. It's one of those hobbies that occupies a place of importance next to my vocation."

Constantine says "Well, if Tiffany doesn't mind. You know about her recent problems?"

Yatashi shakes his head. "Problems?" He turns his gaze to Tiffany.

Tiffany looks curiously at Constantine, oblivious. "Which ones?"

Constantine grins. "The cells? She was having some problems controlling her shifting, you see."

Constantine says "A friend of mine, Terel, is an experienced shifter. However, the only way he could think of to help her was to force her into a cellular form."

Constantine grins a bit more. "Tiffany was eager to explore the possibilities, and the differences, neh?"

Constantine says "So Tanith and I spent a week riding herd on her to keep her out of too much trouble."

Constantine says "And I think the most, um, nervewracking experience was the jousting."

Constantine says "Probably because I've done a bit myself, so I have a bone-embedded knowledge of how painful it can be."

Yatashi nods, looking amused.

Constantine considers. "That's about all there is to the story, unfortunately. Maybe it's more of an image than a story."

Yatashi grins. "I can imagine." He looks amusedly at Tiffany.

Tiffany flushes a little. "It was a good idea!"

Tiffany grins. She thinks it's time to end the scene, then. Hm. Yatashi takes his leave? Yah. Yatashi takes his leave, for now.
Tiffany says "'Kay?"

Constantine nods cheerfully.
Constantine shows Yatashi out, and invites him back any time?

Tiffany smiles. "All right."

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