Yatashi: Part 1.5

Yatashi Log 1.5

OOC Discussion & Unlogged IC Events between Scenes

Before actually starting, I had some chats with Tanith and Constantine's players. The ideas had started to firm up: I was pretty sure how Yatashi was going to dominate Constantine and Tanith, besides just getting a psyche advantage.

The first principle was to cut them off entirely from reality. Since Lovecraftian powers aren't part of the 'official' Amber universe, I couldn't really just break them; I decided to fake this with sorcery and a high enough psyche to build dreamworlds for them. It's a kludge, but it worked okay; I don't think it was objectionable.

The second principle is an important one. It's consent ... not the OOC consent, which I had. But I felt it was necessary for them to give in at some point ... to allow me an opening. Or I could never be secure in the control.

It also emerged that Tanith was being mind-controlled by someone else. OOC, she was waffling on whether it fit the person she wanted Tanith to be ... this is the main OOC reason that Yatashi went after Tanith, although it turned out there were IC reasons.

Between scenes I and II, Constantine discovers a strange nest in his ventilation, decorated with a few pieces of rotting meat. When he tells Tanith, she panics ... such a nest she had found in Father Brown's attic, once, with an all-but-undetectable thing in it. She tells Constantine about this, and they install security measures ... which are triggered once, and then never again.

I'm a fairly erratic GM. Every scene in this story has waited a bit too long, and then when I decide to run it it's been the worst IC possible time. For example, when Yatashi decided it was time to make his move on Constantine, Prince Bleys of Amber was there ...

-- Keely!

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