Yatashi: Part 2

Scene II

[Father Brown's ViewPoint]

Constantine's apartment has some security, and loses the spell in this scene ... and so things get less subtle, and accelerate.

Father Brown knocks on the apt.

[Time passes.]

You paged Constantine with 'There's another knock at the door.'.

[Time passes.]

Constantine pages: Yup, just went ahead and let him in.

[You walk off campus, down one street, down another, and eventually reach the apartment.]

Berkeley -- Apartment
Three walls of this apartment are white. The other is covered with an unfinished abstraction in arrogant green, and blue and brown. The ceiling is about half skylight, half freshly painted soft grey paint. Little furniture clutters the hardwood floor, only a futon and frame, a plain grey couch, a low table, and ample bookshelves. One corner of the room, opposite the bathroom, extends into a small kitchen nook with a breakfast bar separating it from the rest of the room. A door with poster leads out into the corridor.

Bleys. His hair hovers about his head like a flame; in one light it might seem red, but in another it appears orange. His beard, slightly darker in color, covers his slight chin, but not his flashing smile. His eyes sparkle and dance, never revealing what lurks behind their blue depths. His hands appear strong, but somehow you know they are not rough - a surgeon's hands.
He is dressed in a muted crimson, pinstriped double breasted suit, with a peach silk shirt and tie. The cut is daring, with tapered legs, and sharp lapels. On his right hand, he wears two rings - an emerald and ruby. On his left, he has a single ring set with a sapphire.
He doesn't appear to be carrying any obvious weapons.

Constantine says, a bit confused, "Hello, Father... I don't believe we've met."

Father Brown nods. "Good day."
Father Brown grins. "I'm not here in a clerical capacity, actually." He looks around curiously. "Mm. I've interrupted you with company? I can come back ..."

Constantine says "Well, what does it concern?"

Bleys sips his uzo.

Father Brown considers. "This may sound a little odd, actually." He takes a few steps into the apartment, slightly out away from the door. "I have reason to believe that odd things may have been happening here ... disease, perhaps, or an unusual verminous infestation ... nightmares? If this is untrue, I will leave."

Constantine hesitates.

Constantine says, rather slowly, "Yes. May I ask your name?"

Father Brown nods. "Robert Brown."

Bleys nods.

Constantine says "I...see. Sometimes called Father Brown?"

Father Brown grins. "There you have me." He looks amused. "It's one of the quaint customs that Catholics have."

Bleys says "Dr. Anatoli DeVasquez Witherspoon Blaise Chumski, University of Warsaw. A pleasure to meet you, Father Brown."
Bleys steps forward, offering his hand for a shake.
Bleys sips his uzo from the other.

Father Brown shakes. His grip is firm, but probably not by Amber standards.

Bleys shakes, his grip very firm by Amber standards. :)

Constantine proffers his hand subsequent.

Bleys says "You have interupted nothing, Father. We were merely discussing a matter of slim to no importance."
Bleys smiles broadly.

Father Brown allows a wince to show, but doesn't let go until an appropriate time. He shakes with Constantine, as well.
Father Brown says "I'm glad."
Father Brown says "May I sit down?"

Bleys says "Of course, please."
Bleys returns to the kitchen, and refills his glass.

Constantine raises an eyebrow, and adds, "The couch has certainly had odder visitors."

Father Brown nods, seating himself on the armrest.

Bleys says "Can I get you a drink, Father?"
Bleys says "Some mango, papya, or tropical punch?"
Bleys puts his hand on the fridge door.

Constantine returns to the futon, and sits.

Bleys notes for reference, he speaks with a slight polish accent.

Father Brown says over his shoulder, "Certainly. Ah ... water would be fine, or whatever you are having."

Bleys nods, and pours the Father a glass of water.

Constantine says "So, Father Brown. I've been told that you have some familiarity with certain types of infestation."

Bleys walks back, and hands the Father the water.

Father Brown frowns slightly. "Too much," he says, accepting the glass. He smiles briefly at Bleys. "I'm afraid that something has gone horribly wrong." He hesitates. "How much familiarity do you have with these matters? I assume at least some, since my reputation has preceded me ..."

Bleys stands beside Constantine, sipping his uzo.

Constantine says "Little. What I've been told by Fay, others."

Zodi stirs restlessly, waking from her sleep.

Constantine says "That you've been involved with similar infestations."

Father Brown nods. He grins. "Then I'll start at the beginning. There was a ritual conducted in this area ... several weeks ago, I would take it."

Constantine smiles again, slightly. "You're not considered to be on the side of the angels."

Constantine says "Yes."

Zodi spots Father Brown, and makes a small growling noise.

Father Brown blinks. "I'm surprised to hear that. I try to conduct my life well." He hesitates. "I have flaws, of course. But I have friends, family, a congregation or two: I try to do my best to keep things from going horribly wrong. Or clean up afterwards, in any case."

Constantine says "Mmm."

Father Brown shrugs. "I refuse to bear the brunt of nonspecific allegations with more than vague pleasantries, in any case." He smiles brightly. "Now ... tell me. An infestation? Some things have been released that were better not."

Constantine says "No reason why you should. Yes. Invisible rats; what I'm told is the standard sign of a nest containing rotting meat?"

Bleys walks over and studies the portrait.

Bleys pages: Hi. During the walk to the portrait, Bleys checked the apartment for magicall/spiritual/psychic infection/infestation...

Father Brown shakes his head. "They aren't rats," he says firmly. "They're scavengers of quite a different world. But they do make nests, yes. Has there been anything else? What have you been dreaming lately?"

Constantine shakes his head. "I haven't been having any, no."

Father Brown says "No dreams at all?" He considers. "Well, that's probably okay, then. I don't see any reason to suspect a dream-eater. Have you seen a person with unusual eyes ... mm. Dark, faceted like gems?"

Constantine shakes his head, expression rather impassive.

Long distance to Bleys: Yatashi grins. "There's nothing in this room. If you check the bathroom, then there's a trace of some sort. Mm. How good are you?"

Bleys pages: I'm Bleys. (whadda ya mean how good am I? :)

Bleys sips his uzo. "Pardon me, Father. Constantine, might I make use of your bathroom?

Constantine says "Oh, go right ahead."

Father Brown thinks. "All right, from the top."
Father Brown says "I am not a particularly strong mage ... or, to be more accurate, I am no longer in my prime. But I have had wilder days."

Constantine says "Mmm."

Bleys walks to the bathroom, and closes the door.

Zodi growls a bit more, and restlessly falls back to sleep.

Father Brown mutters to Constantine, "... reason both... and... workspace... vulnerable. To... intrusion of other..."
["For this reason, both I and my workspace are exceptionally ... vulnerable. To the intrusion of other things."]

Constantine rests his hands upon his knees. "You'll understand that magic has never been my field. But I believe I understand."

In the bathroom, Bleys discovers a magical mark or trace or half-spell.

After some paging:
Bleys pages: Okay, consider it wiped by the Pattern. :)

Bleys steps out of the bathroom, his eyes glittering a bit. He sips his uzo.

Father Brown nods. "And so it was that while the ritual was ongoing here, my house was one of probably several in the world that was ... err, entered. The space between the worlds was weakened ... you understand? Particularly to the things of Yog-Soggoth. Were you involved with the ritual? I can't see much reason for them to be here, but the traces are definite.

Constantine says "I was present, yes. And I believe I see your point. Do you feel, then, that you're in a position to...restrain the things that may have entered?"

Father Brown says "Mm. I'm not done, quite, although yes. I have a duty to. There are only a handful of people in the world who understand Yog-Soggoth at all."

Bleys smiles a bit, and sips his uzo.

Constantine nods, listening on.

Father Brown says "Do you understand what the world would be like if his minions took over? It wouldn't be our Earth any more. It is unlikely that any of the non-paranormals would survive the first week. The physics where such a being reigns are fundamentally different and often inhospitable."

Bleys says "Non-Euclidean geometries, I believe."
Bleys walks to the kitchen, and refills his glass with the last of the bottle.

Bleys says "It would be... Chaos."
Bleys smiles to himself, and sips.

Constantine says "Mmm. I tend to believe the good Father is correct when he refers to these beings as coming from between worlds."

Bleys opens the fridge, rummages around, and comes up with an apple.

Father Brown continues, "There is one, however, which I am particularly interested in. Which I believe has come here ... to Berkeley. Which makes the infestation of your apartment suspicious." He frowns. "It came into my circles: it had no choice, that was the access point. But it beat me ... you understand. I was asleep, and did not fully awake in time ... and it is loose. I am scarred inside. That it is something that can do this makes it ultimately dangerous.

Constantine says "I...see."
Constantine says "Fay and Michael, regardless of their other opinions of you, don't underestimate you. So I'll take your worries as fully justified."

Bleys glances at Constantine.
Bleys says "Is this why you summoned me from my research, comrade?"

Father Brown raises an eyebrow. "I'm not sure I've met them."

Bleys takes a bite of his apple.

Constantine says "Reputation carries, I suppose."

Father Brown laughs. "It must."

Constantine smiles slightly. "Besides that I haven't seen you in far too long, my friend, I did think this might interest you."

Tanith walks in from the street.
Tanith has arrived.

Bleys says "Since you helped my brother in Angola.."

Father Brown says "I was hoping that you could help me find and destroy its corporeal form. If you are strictly an uninvolved party ... then perhaps I will look elsewhere :)"

Bleys shrugs, and sips his uzo.

Tanith stops in the doorway.

Father Brown glances over. "Ah! The Violet Angel!"

Constantine turns, attention refocused. "Tanith."

Bleys says "I don't believe we've met."

Tanith pulls back a little and stares at Father Brown. "What are you doing here."

Father Brown says with some amusement, "Are you involved in all this? I assure you, this time I'm completely blameless."

Constantine says "Dr. Anatoli, Tanith Miramoto. Tanith, my friend Dr. Anatoli."

Bleys says "A pleasure."

Constantine says, guarded, "He knew about the problem."

Bleys speaks with a faint polish accent. "I knew I had to come."

Father Brown grins, a relatively high-impact gaze coming to rest on Tanith.

Constantine glances at Bleys, smiles slightly. "Father Brown, I meant."

Tanith steps into the apartment, pushing the puppy back in with her foot and resisting an obvious desire to slam the door.

Bleys smiles slightly.

Tanith says "I *bet* he did."

Father Brown tilts his head, hair shadowing an eye. "I had a case for you, a while back, but I couldn't locate you. It was as if you were completely gone from the world."

Constantine steeples his fingers on his knee, sitting on the futon.

Tanith glances hard at Constantine, then back to Father Brown. She says, icily, "This isn't a good time."

Bleys crouches, and calls the puppy to him. Scratches it behind the ears, and on the belly.

Father Brown frowns. "If you like." He turns his attention back to Constantine. "Are you an uninvolved bystander?"

Constantine says "The Father mentioned that he'd noticed a ritual of some kind, something weakening the barriers."
Constantine shrugs. "Not my field, so I suppose I wouldn't know, neh?"

Tanith says "I'm sure he did. And he was just leaving."
Tanith says "Weren't you, Father?"

Constantine says "I suspect he was."

Father Brown glances at Tanith. "Still hold a grudge against me for putting me in the hospital? Understandable, I suppose."

Bleys sips his uzo, and continues to scruffle the pup.

Tanith says "Why, no. For your sins, Father."

Father Brown stands up, taking a gulp of his almost-finished drink.

Tanith says "I suggest you leave before you have to get acquainted with a local hospital."

Bleys says "It was most interesting meeting you, Father. Perhaps our paths will cross again."

Constantine says, mildly, "Since you know my address, feel free to drop us a note if you'd care to talk again."

Bleys says "Do be careful out on the streets."
Bleys smiles, and straightens.

Tanith opens the door and stands aside, holding it.

Father Brown smiles. "Of course." He looks over at Tanith. "Please. Muscle has its place, but you would be doing the world no service by assaulting me now."

Tanith says "Good bye."

Father Brown walks casually towards the door, and nods to Constantine and Bleys again. "Bye!"

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