Yatashi: Part 10

Yatashi X

Tiffany's viewpoint

There is an aura about her that breathes of something dark and incomprehensible. Her form, however, is mundane and perhaps even cute: that of a college-age girl, with red-brown hair full of curls tumbling over her shoulders and two small antennae. She wears a colorful sweater and a pair of Calvin Klein jeans; a blue backpack covers the small of her back.

[You stare at the image of the Bar on the card. It begins to seem more real to you, then your surroundings change.]

Worlds' End Bar(#0RJ)
Carpetted in soft red, its heavy, polished wooden tables and comfortable, leather-backed chairs tinged sepia beneath the light from stained coach-lamps on the smokey rafters, this bar does not at first seem out of the ordinary. It is only when you notice the enormous variety in food and drinks here, or the diverse speech of its patrons, or the fact that nobody here ever seems to pay, that you begin to realise that this is no ordinary shadow bar.
For this is the Worlds' End Bar, and it drifts unanchored, through shadow. It is a place where Amberite Princes mix with the lowest of shadow-rats. A place where Law and the Lords of Chaos wheel and deal beneath a thin layer of conviviality. A place where lives and nations are bought and sold, where secrets are buried or revealed over tea, or a glass of wine. A place to enjoy yourself, but warily.
The bartender on duty is Madeleine, and the servers are Gilbert and Romeo.

Tiffany's mission: get Bleys to the point of completely ignoring her, and then use a disguised/muted bloodbeast or technical stuff on him. She has a fair arsenal with her, but she didn't get to use the ones she planned to.

Tiffany puts a Trump of the Bar into her sleeve.

Pol makes his way through the crowd to Bleys' table, following the sound.

Bleys walks over to Pol.

Chotiari points at the bulletin board. "Go read it, Hugh."

[The long mahogany bar (#1) has 6 empty seats.
Seated are: Chandra and Priss
The small round table near the door (#2) has 3 empty seats.
The long table in the center (#3) has 6 empty seats.
Seated are: Jonathan, Chotiari and Thud
The large round table near the far wall (#4) has 6 empty seats.
The tiny table near the mirror (#5) has 1 empty seats.
Seated is: Bleys
The booth in the far corner (#6) has 3 empty seats.
Seated is: Murphy
The booth in the near corner (#7) has 1 empty seats.
Seated are: Bridgitte Bridgitte and Terel
The booth on the far wall (#8) has 2 empty seats.
Seated are: Maxine and Azuth
The rafters (#9) has 8 empty seats.]

Bleys grabs Pol by the ear, twists it, and hauls him over to the chair.

Tiffany waves exaggeratedly. "Everyone!"

Terel turns his head slowly back to his table.

Pol yanks free "Get off, bud."

Bleys isn't in a condition to get inured to Tiffany. And he's at the wrong table. Why is it the wrong table? Wait ...

Pol says "I don't go in for shit like that anymore."

Tiffany peeks curiously at Bleys and Pol.

Bleys. His hair hovers about his head like a flame; in one light it might seem red, but in another it appears orange. His beard, slightly darker in color, covers his slight chin, but not his flashing smile. His eyes sparkle and dance, never revealing what lurks behind their blue depths. His hands appear strong, but somehow you know they are not rough - a surgeon's hands.
He is dressed in a shiny metal breast plate, decorated with gold filigree, and a matching gorget. Under it, he wears a heavy red and orange doublet. His matching pantaloons are stuffed into heavy war boots.
On his right hand, he wears two rings - an emerald and ruby. On his left, he has a single ring set with a sapphire.
At his side hangs a heavy, golden hilted Pattern Blade.

He tops six feet, with a lean, trim build that speaks of toil as well as focused effort. Thick black locks, streaked by a soft blur of white frame a lean, haggard face; A face of sharp angles and shadowed hollows. Over his eyes are a pair of impenetrably thick black glasses. Adding bulk to his lean frame is a thick, black roll-neck sweater, which hangs stylishly over a pair of loose stonewashed jeans. His feet are sheathed in functional, if incongruous, black leather boots. Over the turtleneck, he wears a lightweight cotton jacket of a deep, brushed green. The collar and cuffs are brown cuordoroy. Dangling over roll-neck of the sweater is a pendant depicting a dragon of swirled bronze and green rearing against a white enamel background.

Jonathan says "Does it to his kids, though."

Tiffany giggles to Bleys. "Ooh, kinky."

Pol snickers

Hugh looks at Chotiari. "A very nice memorial poem."

Chotiari's face clouds up again, and she picks up the stuffed black toy panther from her lap and hugs it tight.

Bridgitte slaps Terel.

Terel is slapped. **POW!**

Chotiari looks up. "Tiff?"

Tabitha arches an eyebrow. "Uncle Bleys, how...pleasant..."

Chotiari says "Wh-who is taking care of Z-zodi?"

Pol says "Now if you want to talk, I'd be happy to, but please, no ear pulling. My ees are already gone."

Jonathan waves to Tabitha.

Hugh gives a sad look at Chotiari. "If you ever need to talk...."

Tabitha waves to Jonathan.

Bridgitte growls, "I can take care of myself..."

Tiffany spins about thoughtfully, trying to watch Bleys and Terel and Chotiari and Jonathan and Azuth and and all at once to see who's being the most interesting tonight.

Bleys grabs Pol by the front of his shirt, and drags him over to the table by the mirror. "Shut up, or you'll lose something else.

Priss smirks, "The hell you can Bridge.."

Pol snorts "I just love your manners these days Bleys. Learning from Finndo?"

Chotiari is definitely not being interesting.

Pol is lifted, by the way.

Thud looks confused.

Tabitha says "Uncle Bleys. Please put him down. Gently."

Tiffany looks in confusion at Chotiari. "Oh. Um. I dunno! Maybe Zodi's kind of looking out for Zodi!"

Tabitha says "And Pol, please stop asking for it."

Chotiari perks up a tad, looking concerned. "But she's only a puppy, Tiff, who's feeding her?"

Bleys sighs, and looks at Choti. "Zodi is with me, and is watching Dalt..."

Pol smirks and is still in Bleys' hands or something like that.

Tiffany blinkblinks at Chotiari, and looks rather distracted from the whole concept. "I guess Bleys is, then."
Tiffany beams to Bleys.

Chotiari sighs, as if some indefinable weight has been lifted from her.

Bridgitte growls.

Bleys drops Pol into the chair at the table.

Pol taps at Bley's shoulder "Ok...now you know how much I weigh, care to put me down?"

Bleys sits down at the tiny table near the mirror.

Priss walks slowly over to Bridge and Terel's table.

Pol grins "Thanks."
Pol plops into a chair.
Pol sits down at the tiny table near the mirror.

Bridgitte growls, "Go away Priss..."
Bridgitte turns back to Terel.

Priss walks over by Bridge, frowning slightly.

Tabitha, having decided Bleys isn't going to beat Pol (yet), turns.

Pol smiles at Bleys as he orders a Sprite on the rocks.

Tiffany finally decides on a table and looks at Chotiari, Jonathan, and Thud. "Can I sit down?" she says cheerfully.

Pol sips his Sprite on the rocks and speaks to Bleys "Want one? Its mighty fine."

Azuth vanishes, leaving twin trails of silver and green fire.

Bridgitte glares at Terel.

Jonathan looks to Tiffany. "Sure."

Tiffany beams.

Bridgitte says "WE ARE PARTNERS!"

Priss walks over to a free chair at the table and sits down, ignoring any protests as she does so.

Terel leans back in his booth and looks thoughtfully at Bridgitte.

[You sit yourself down at the long table in the center.]

Priss sits down at the booth in the near corner.

Tiffany flops down at the head of the table, unless someone's in it, and grins at Jonathan and Choti and Thud. "How be?"

Bridgitte says "DAMN YOU!"
Bridgitte says "I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF!"

Priss leans over casually and grabs Bridge's arm, "Where do you think your going?"

Bridgitte whirls and stalks to the mirror.
Bridgitte says "LET GO, PRISS! NOW!!"

Priss says "sit down."
Priss nods to Terel, releasing Bridge's arm.

Bridgitte says in a cold barely held temper voice, "Let go..."

Chotiari doesn't react in the least to the shouting. Her eyes are shut, passive.

Pol grins and turns his cheek. "Go for it,"

At your table, Jonathan says "So-so. Or, in comparison to most about, wonderful."

Terel exhales slowly and watches after Bridgitte.

Priss looks at Bridge's free arm.

At your table, Tiffany grins at Jonathan.
At your table, Tiffany says "That's good!"

Tiffany mutters at her table, antennae wibbling.

Bridgitte dramaticly exits.

Priss sighs slightly, "Sorry about that Terel.."

Bridgitte steps into the shadows and slowly fades away. Or that's your impression, at least.

Tiffany shifts a little in her seat, and tries a different tactic. "So, what's up in your lives?"

Tiffany mutters to Thud, "... we ..."
[You whisper "Have we met, anyway?" to Thud.]

Pol sips his Sprite, his expression one of anger as he speaks in hushed tones to Bleys.

Terel stands slowly and exhales.

Priss slowly stands, looking as Terel departs, "Only one of her hates you Terel.."

Tabitha sits down at the booth in the far corner.

Bleys clenches his fist around the hilt of his sword, and slaps the table.

Terel chuckles softly.
Terel says "Indeed."

At your table, Chotiari scoots her chair slightly closer to Jonathan's. She has her eyes closed.

At your table, Jonathan sighs slightly, and strokes Chotiari's hair.

Pol frowns at Bleys, then breaks out in a snicker.

At your table, Tiffany rolls her eyes.

At your table, Jonathan peers at Tiffany.

Bleys losens his sword in it's scabbard, and reaches out to grab Pol's shirt.

Pol moves his hand to his saber.

Tabitha glances over at Bleys and Pol. "Oh no!"

Tiffany stands up again and paces about again.
[You stand up and stretch, pushing in your seat.]

Bleys growls something to Pol.

Pol snorts at Bleys.

Tabitha crosses to the table by the mirror.

Tiffany grins suddenly, and wanders over to Bleys. "Is this man bothering you?" she asks him seriously, grinning a demoniacal grin.

Bleys ignores everything but Pol. (well, appears to ignore everything.)

Tabitha smiles at Bleys. "My dear uncle, what a charming display of control. I'm so proud to have your example to follow."
Tabitha turns to walk away.

Thud looks confused.

Tiffany hmphs audibly, and walks around behind Bleys to the other side of his chair in hopes that he'll notice her better there.

Tabitha sits down at the booth in the far corner.

Bleys releases Pol's shirt.

Priss sits down at the small round table near the door.

Tabitha orders a glass of white wine. Madeleine hands it to Gilbert, who takes it to the booth in the far corner and sets it before her.
Tabitha smiles. "Thank you, Gilbert."

Tiffany glares at Pol helpfully. Well, insofar as she can glare. It looks more like she's trying to furrow her brow with thought and failing.

Bleys smiles slightly.

Tabitha sips her wine.

Bleys glances at Tiffany.
Bleys says "Thank you, Tiffany. But it won't be neccessary."

Pol snorts.
Pol snickers as well.

Tiffany beams.
Tiffany says "I could rub your back so your sword-arm will be fresh and relaxed!"

Bleys says "No, thanks Tiffany."
Bleys says "Holly worked out the kinks earlier."

Tiffany starts to giggle, then stops and looks curious. "Holly? Isn't that a computer?"

Bleys says "No, she's a person."

Pol sips his Sprite happily.

Tiffany says "Oh."
Tiffany says "That makes more sense, then."

Bleys walks to the booth in the far corner.

Tabitha glances up. "Yes, Uncle Bleys?"

Bleys slides into the booth on the same side as Tabitha.
Bleys sits down at the booth in the far corner.

Tiffany makes a face, thoughtfully, and proceeds back to the center table.
[You sit yourself down at the long table in the center.]
[Tiffany sits down and joins you.]

Bleys puts his arm around Tabitha's shoulder and smiles.

Pol kicks up his heels and drinks Sprite to his heart's content.

Tabitha looks rather nervous and tries to squirm away.

Bleys orders a glass of chardonay. Madeleine hands it to Velma, who takes it to the booth in the far corner and sets it before him.
Bleys sips his wine.
Bleys smiles a bit.

Tabitha squirms harder, to no avail.

Thud glances at TAbitha squirming. Frowns.

Chandra walks over to the booth in the far corner, and asks, "Tabitha? May I speak with you for a moment?"

At your table, Chotiari really seems to be asleep now. The lines that sadness had drawn on her face have eased into relaxation. Her breathing is steady, now, and gentle.

Bleys looks at Chandra and smiles.
Bleys says "She'll be free in a minute."
Bleys sips his wine.

Tabitha looks nervously at Chandra. "I...um...am...I'd like that, really....

Chandra says "Well, it's rather important..."

Bleys eyes harden. "It can wait."

Tabitha bites her lip.

At your table, Thud mouths "Need a hand Boss?"

Bleys smiles at Tabitha.

Pol smirks and asks the bartender for a double Sprite on the rocks.

Bleys releases Tabitha's shoulder.

Pol says "Woa...don't know if I can handle this..."

Chandra looks at Bleys for a moment, then at Tabitha, then back at Bleys, "It really is important though, sir."

Bleys nods slightly.
Bleys winks.

Pol downs his Sprite in one shot, licking his lips, and shaking his head "Wow, what a rush.."

Bleys says "She's all yours."

Chandra nods.

At your table, Jonathan shakes his head.

Tabitha blinks and watches Bleys leave, a look of befuddlement on her brow.

Jayelle sits down at the booth on the far wall.

At your table, Thud nods.

Chandra sits down at the booth in the far corner.

Tiffany looks thoughtfully at Bleys.
Tiffany says "Come over here!"

Pol laughs.

Bleys glances at Tiffany.
Bleys says "Pardon?"
Bleys sips his wine, and walks to the bar.

Chotiari is asleep at her table, leaning against Jonathan. One empty glass, and one mostly-empty glass of wine are in front of her, and she is clutching a stuffed toy panther, even in her sleep.

Tiffany considers that. "Well, as in, come join us, because I want to talk to you and you're currently standing up."

Bleys says "Perhaps you could try, 'Bleys, please join us?' next time."

Tiffany considers that. "Okay!"
Tiffany says "Should I do it now?"

Bleys says "It might work better."

Moire appears in a rainbow sparkle.
Moire has arrived.

Tiffany says "Bleys, please join us?"
Tiffany tilts her head to one side, curiously.

Bleys nods to Moire, who just happens to appear beside him.
Bleys sets down his empty glass of wine.

Moire nods back, "Good evening Prince Bleys."

Bleys says "Good evening, Lady Moire."

Pol grins as he hears the voice "Hey, its the Mom lady. Coolness!"

Bleys takes Moire's hand and kisses it.

An elegant lady of medium stature, with a regal bearing to her movements. Her smoothly rounded face is distinguished by wide, round, jade eyes; high cheekbones; and a small, delicate mouth. Soft, wavy hair of an olive tone falls to her shoulders, highlighted by streaks of silver in those strands nearest her cheeks. She is clad in a loose, sleeveless dress of multi-hued silk. The soft material shimmers in the light, reflecting back a multitude of blues to the watchful eye. The bodice fits loosely about her torso, with a low neckline, revealing just a hint of cleavage. At her narrow waist, the dress is bound by a belt of silver links. Below that, a full skirt drops to almost her knees. Her shapely calves are bare and she wears pumps of periwinkle blue. Small silver shells hang from her delicate ears. A soft scent reminiscent of a spring day clings to her every movement.

Jonathan looks at Moire. "You're the woman who keeps *staring* at me."

Bleys says "A pleasure to see you again. It's been too long."

Pol hears the kissing "Awww, Bleys, messing with my Mom again?"

Moire glances up at Pol, then smiles down at Bleys. "Yes, it has been."

Tiffany considers. "Bleys, come join us?" she tries, in Bleys' own voice, or a decent copy thereof, in case intonation is important.

Bleys says "We must resume our game a checkers soon. A fresh start."
Bleys smiles at Moire.
Bleys releases her hand.

Moire glances at Pol again, shaking her head and chuckling softly. Turning back to Bleys. "A fresh start would be a good idea, Bleys."

Pol says "Hey Mom, join me for a Sprite?"

At your table, Jonathan says "Well, guess she isn't staring now. Bonus deal."

Bleys glances at Tiffany.

Moire looks down at Bleys before answering.

Pol says "Aww..you can bring Bleys if you want, Mom."
Pol says "Though this table is kinda small."

Bleys glances back at Moire. "Perhaps when you are finished catching up with your son?"

Moire nods. "And you with that young lady. In a while then."

Bleys eyes twinkle a bit. "I know how important family can be."
Bleys bows a little. "Soon..."
Bleys walks to a chair at the center table.

Pol gets a waiter to find him a bigger table.

Bleys sits down at the long table in the center.

At your table, Chotiari somehow sleeps through all of this.

[Bleys sits down and joins you.]

Pol sits down at the large round table near the far wall.

Moire chuckles. "No need, son."

At your table, Bleys says "Someone drug her out of her misery, use sorcery, or is she really that tired?"

At your table, Tiffany grins cheerfully to Bleys. "Hihihi!"

Bleys tilts his head towards Chotiari.

Moire sits down at the large round table near the far wall.

At your table, Tiffany says "I think she's tired. Or something."

Pol says "Oh well, this table has got a better view."
Pol grins.

At your table, Tiffany says "I've been watching, to see if she gives me a clue. In case, it's, like, a signal."
At your table, Tiffany says "Or something."

At your table, Bleys says "So, how are the Mor? And your father."

Bleys takes the half-empty glass and sniffs the contents.

At your table, Tiffany grins. "The Mor is well, and Daddy, well." She looks a bit downcast. "I wouldn't know about Daddy."

Yatashi appears in a rainbow sparkle.
Yatashi has arrived.
Yatashi grins.

Bleys purses his lips a bit, and sets down the glass.

Yatashi glances around the bar, and drops into the seat across from Tiffany's.

At your table, Jonathan looks at Moire. "Bleys. Any idea what the *hell* her problem is? I mean, aside from who she's slept with and given birth to."

Yatashi sits down at the long table in the center.
[Yatashi sits down and joins you.]

Tabitha knocks over her wine glass and stares at Chandra.

Bleys glances at Jonathan.
Bleys turns the glance into a longer look.

At your table, Yatashi grins tiredly. "Sis."

Chandra smiles at Tabitha.

At your table, Bleys says "In what sense, Jonathan?"

At your table, Jonathan looks to Bleys. "She keeps walking in here, staring at me, and walking out. It's incredibly rude."

Tabitha jumps and graps a napkin to mop up the spill.

At your table, Tiffany beams. "Yatashi! This is Bleys, and Jonathan, and Chotiari, and, and, and, and, um."
At your table, Tiffany frowns.
At your table, Tiffany says "And the other one!"

Chandra grabs a couple napkins, and helps.

At your table, Bleys says "Perhaps some jealousy?"

Bleys nods to Yatashi.

At your table, Jonathan says "Jealousy? Of what, my fashion sense?"

Tabitha says "I'll manage."

At your table, Bleys says "We nearly met, once."

At your table, Yatashi grins. "Oh, my. Introductions." He nods his head. "Yes, we did, didn't we."

At your table, Bleys to Jonathan: "Perhaps she wonders about your mother."

At your table, Thud says "Thud."

At your table, Yatashi considers. "I believe I owe you a debt, as far as that goes."

At your table, Jonathan's expression transforms radically, yet unreadably.

Tabitha waves Velma over, who quickly wipes up the spill.

At your table, Bleys to Yatashi: "That debt has been paid."

At your table, Jonathan drinks coffee to cover it.

At your table, Yatashi grins. "Just as well, I don't think I can easily repay it."

At your table, Chotiari notes OOCly that she is quite asleep, leaning agaisnt Jonathan's shoulder.

Bleys steeples his fingers.

At your table, Yatashi frowns quietly. "Speaking of debts ... do you know the significance of a Trump going warm?"

At your table, Jonathan says "Serpent knows I do..."

Pol seems to be grinning a lot at his Mom.

Moire shakes her head at Pol.

At your table, Tiffany frowns. "Well, anyway, as I was going to say," she informs Bleys and Yatashi, "well. Nevermind. No. Well, it's just that, you're a Prince of Amber and everything, and I was wondering if, well, this is a new haircut, and ..."

At your table, Jonathan brushes some stray hair out of Chotiari's face.

At your table, Jonathan sighs. "No. I don't see why a queen of Rebma would care about a French peasant girl."

At your table, Tiffany says "And I wondered if it looked nice."
At your table, Tiffany says "And I thought, you go to court, so you might know."

Moire glances up at Jonathan and smiles.

Tabitha slips a card out of her pouch.

Jonathan narrows his eyes.

Pol smirks at his Mom.

At your table, Tiffany winds down, sort of. "Bleys?"

Moire says "What are you talking about, Pol?"

Tabitha stares at a card in her hand.

Pol sighs and shakes his head as he explains the whole secret plot to Moire again.
Pol sips his Sprite all of a sudden, taking Moire by surprise.

At your table, Bleys says "The hair looks fine."

At your table, Tiffany considers. "Just fine?"

At your table, Bleys says "And what do you mean by a trump going warm. Do you mean not cool, or actually warm."

Chotiari stirs.

Marat steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.
Marat nods as he enters.

Thud leans back a little.

At your table, Yatashi frowns. "A temperature noticably higher than it usually possesses; I suppose slightly less than ambient."

Moire looks at her son in amazement and laughs. "Right son, right."
Moire says "It's not that simple, son."

At your table, Bleys says "It means the subject is either very good at blocking the contact, or is dead"

Marat walks toward the far corner booth, nodding with "My apologies." as he passes Tabitha's booth.
Marat sits down at the booth in the near corner.

Chandra glances up at Marat.

At your table, Chotiari opens her eyes, and whispers, "Oh, god. Not somebody else." She squinches the shut tight again.

At your table, Yatashi closes his eyes, for a long moment.

Marat orders a cup of hot apple cider. Madeleine hands it to Gilbert, who takes it to the booth in the near corner and sets it before him.

Pol broods, sipping his Sprite.

At your table, Yatashi finally opens them again. "Then I may be able to repay a debt after all, owed you or not." He hesitates again. "You know, of course?"

At your table, Bleys says "Of course."

Bleys rubs his fingers together, eyes narrowed.

Tabitha seems a bit distracted, as she is staring into a card.

At your table, Tiffany, oblivious to everything, reaches back into her backpack and starts fumbling for stuff.

Marat sips his cider quietly.

At your table, Tiffany glances at Yatashi with the look of someone who has little idea of what he's talking about, but is used to this, and with a resigned and heavy sigh pulls out a sketchbook, thermos, fine pen, and some pencils, and begins to sketch.

At your table, Yatashi says quietly, "There are some other things that you may not know. Or, ..." He shrugs. "I am a man of secrets, you understand. I have been holding too many too long."

Moire says "Good night son."

Pol says "Remember Mom, we can't attack Amber before day break, ok?"
Pol says "And Chaos only while they are at lunch."

Pol grins

Jonathan watches Moire, and raises his hand. "Excuse me."

Pol says "Good night, Mom"

At your table, Tiffany draws big doodly pictures of things, and then glares at them. She shows one to Bleys, as if asking it it's any good, which it isn't.

Moire turns to Jonathan. "Yes?"

At your table, Chotiari somehow manages to go back to sleep, clutching her black-panther toy tightly, and snuggling a little more comfortably against Jonathan, unconsciously, in her sleep. To sleep! Perchance to dream -- aye, there's the rub: for in that sleep of death what dreams may come, &tc.

At your table, Yatashi says "There is a thing I would like someone to know, and another that I feel might repay you."

At your table, Bleys says "And, Yatashi?"

Jonathan says "You keep walking in here, staring at me, and walking out."
Jonathan says "Staring's awfully rude. I was just wondering if you had some reason for this."

Pol says "Maybe she thinks you're sexy, Jonathan?"

At your table, Bleys looks at Jonathan, and chuckles.

Jonathan says "That's a given."

Moire snorts. "Only in that you resemble your father, yes. And I'm not staring, I'm disconcerting you."

Pol grins.

At your table, Bleys glances at Yatashi, "What is this thing?"

Pol says "Way to go Mom. thats the old family spirit."
Pol says "But don't insult Dad, will ya?"

Moire says "Of course not, son. Since he's supposedly my claim to fame, that'd be shooting myself in the foot."

At your table, Yatashi says "The first is a concern that I intended to deal with when I could; I failed, I think. It is something I saw ... the edge of, perhaps a few weeks back. And that is simply this: there were Logrus coils woven into Tanith's mind."
At your table, Yatashi grins. "I could not tell her this, of course; she would know that I had peeked."

Pol grins "Naaww...your claim to fame is me."

Jonathan says "Well, no. Being slightly annoying and rather declasse. But now that I know, I needn't concern myself further."

Moire snorts again. "Thanks son."

Pol grins at his Mom "Thanks Mom."

At your table, Tiffany gets bored of doodling, and pulls out a big book labelled 'Conjurye' from her backpack, flipping through its pages.

Marat rolls his eyes in the corner.

At your table, Bleys says "And?"

Moire walks over to Bleys and places her hand lightly on his shoulder.

Bleys pats Moire's hand.
Bleys looks up.
Bleys says "Business, it seems."
Bleys smiles, "I'll join you later?"
Bleys says "Set up the board... you can play red."

Moire nods to Bleys. "Thank you, and this time, if I'm winning, don't clear the board, okay?"

Bleys smiles.

Pol smirks "Unc doesn't play fair? What a surprise!"

Bleys says "I'll remember that."

Moire grins at Bleys. "Until later, Prince Bleys."

Bleys says "Until later, Lady Moire."

At your table, Yatashi says "I consider it the most likely explanation for her ..." He looks at Tiffany. "her vacation. I tell you this because I believe you to have an interest in both things, which leads in turn to the second thing."

Maxine will just stay here I suppose.

At your table, Tiffany beams at a page reading 'Sphyx', puts the open book out on the table, and unscrews the top from the thermos.

Moire nods to Bleys, lifting her hand from his shoulder and turning toward the mirror.

Pol nods gravely "Until later, Lady Mom."
Pol says "Oh Mom, can you give me a lift back to Rebma?"

At your table, Bleys says "Which is??"

Moire says "If you insist, son. When're you going to stay with your father?"

Pol grins "Tired of me already?"

Moire says "Of course not son, come here."

Pol says "When I can find him sounds like a half way decent idea. He's always off saving and bedding maidens."
Pol says "Sure..."

Emilio steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.

Moire says "Not plural, son. Singular, just one maiden."

Pol follows the sound of Moire's voice.

Emilio fetches himself some orange juice in his usual manner.

At your table, Yatashi says, coloring faintly, "I believe you had an interest in her. Pardon; you must understand, I am speaking quickly and concisely, for the person I am, in deference to your rank."

Moire takes Pol's hand and leads him to the mirror.
Moire steps into the shadows and slowly fades away. Or that's your impression, at least.

Pol says "Same difference."
Pol steps into the shadows and slowly fades away. Or that's your impression, at least.

Jonathan says "Emilio, hey."

At your table, Yatashi takes a breath to continue, looking at Bleys for confirmation on that.

Emilio says "Jonathan. How goes it?"

Jonathan says "It goes."

At your table, Tiffany dips her pen into the thermos, and it comes out a brilliant red. She begins to doodle on the sketchpad.

Emilio nods.

Jonathan stares off into space.
Jonathan is raising Pattern.

Emilio looks dazed.
Emilio sits down at the long table in the center.
[Emilio sits down and joins you.]

At your table, Bleys nods slightly to Yatashi, and glances at Jonathan.

At your table, Chotiari shifts slightly on her seat. She seems to be sagging somewhat, but moves her stuffed panther to prop herself more firmly upright, still asleep.

At your table, Yatashi carries on, "Therefore, I believe that .." He frowns, staring at Emilio, as if suddenly realizing the number of people around.

Emilio stares off into the distance, his hands nigh-autoamtically making their carbo-protein beverage.

At your table, Jonathan says "Tired, Emilio?"

At your table, Emilio says "Yes."
At your table, Emilio says "Been a long day."

At your table, Tiffany works on an odd pattern on the sketchpad. As far as anyone present, including one or two people who would know, can tell, it's conjury, but of a rather odd shadow sort that wouldn't work here without someone changing the laws around rather drastically.

Emilio yawns.

At your table, Yatashi leans in to murmur closely to Bleys, albeit not quite whisper in his ear.

At your table, Jonathan shifts slightly to support Chotiari better.

At your table, Bleys glances back at Yatashi.

Emilio ah wells.
Emilio wanders off with his half-stirred beverage.
Emilio wanders out, departing to Dworkin knows where.
Emilio stands up and stretches, leaving the table.

Yatashi mutters to Bleys, "I... you should... her true ... interest. They... by... Logrus thing... that... her... And there... But... you... want to know... hence I say it... debt..."
[That is: "I felt that you should know her true feelings, for your interest. They were touched by the Logrus thing, I could tell that much; it tinged her love. And there was always Constantine. But you had ... you would have had a chance. I feel that this is something you would want to know, and hence I say it, in payment of my debt to you."]

At your table, Tiffany, while Yatashi murmurs to Bleys, dips her pen in again, and fumbles. The thermos spills, red glistening stuff that can only be her blood spilling out across the table.

Bleys' favorite chair ... you know, at the head of the center table? It responds simply to a mental signal and stabs a poison-tipped protrusion upwards, but in contravention to everything Constantine told Yatashi about Bleys, Bleys is armored, and this takes too long ...

At your table, Yatashi spins his head to look at Tiffany. "Bleys, ..." he says, grabbing for Bleys' hand and moving as if to pull him away from the table if he gets it.

Thud orders towels. Madeleine hands it to Gilbert, who takes it to the long table in the center and sets it before him.

Jonathan stands, and casually pulls Chotiari to her feet as well.

At your table, Thud starts a dam.

Bleys shoves his table away with a boot, possibly knocking Jonathan and the rest with it.

Lin steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.
Lin has arrived.

Jonathan stands up and stretches, leaving the table.

Thud stands up and stretches, leaving the table.

At your table, Tiffany's blood contorts, as if already alive and as stretchy as silly putty, reaching for Bleys.

Yatashi has Bleys' hand.

[Chotiari stands up and stretches, leaving the table.]

Thud puts on his helm as he rises.

Marat turns to watch the scene.

Bleys curls a lip, and starts to rise.

Jonathan stares at a card in his hand.
Jonathan vanishes in a rainbow sparkle.

Thud relaxes.

Lin looks around oddly.

[Bleys stands up and stretches, leaving the table.]

Tiffany looks in confusion at the table.

Thud kicks towels into the mess.

Lin says "Figures. Walking into a bad scene."

Bleys tries to yank his hand free from Yatashi's grip, and kicks his writhing chair away.

Yatashi's body hisses and starts to fade at the edges, dissolving, on the end away from Bleys; one hand hangs on to Bleys' for dear life.

Lin's eyes go wide.

Bleys mutters a curse, and heaves out his sword.

Lin steps away.
Lin goes as far away from the comotion as possible.

Maxine shrinks away from the spectacle

Light flickers strangely along the golden pattern etched into the blade.

Maxine edges over to Marat in fear

Thud readies his weapons but standing back watching Bleys et al.

Yatashi is almost gone within seconds, all resolution lost and all but a little of his mass.

Bleys staggers back, and leans against the bar.

Lin peers desperately around and looks up at the rafters. She leaps up to one and pulls her self up.
Lin sits down at the rafters.

Tiffany closes her eyes, as if in pain.

Bleys brings his now free hand to his head, and murmurs.

Tabitha blinks and puts her card away.

Lin pulls a pool cue ball from her jacket pocket and holds it in her hand, watching the scene.

Tabitha looks around to see what's going on.

Yatashi is gone: dissipated to nothing.
And meanwhile, his body burned away to give him force, Yatashi smashes into the barriers in Bleys' mind; not subtle this time, against a master of subtlety, but hoping for poison and surprise and sheer momentum to carry it into a gritty and tenterhooks command ...

Bleys drops his hand to the bar, and pushes off from it, to stagger back to the table.

Jonathan enters, with caution.
Jonathan steps out of the bathroom hallway.

Lin scrambles up higher in the rafters, moving like some evil spider-thing.

Jonathan says "Did I miss the show?"

A solitary blood creature, fanged and glistening, on the table Bleys shoved away a while back, seems to be a bit disoriented, but heads determinedly for him anyway, dropping off the edge of the table.

Bleys grits his teeth, and clenches his eyes shut, and swings the Pattern Sword blindly at the blood beast on the table... missing.
Bleys seeks balance against the table.

Marat watches Bleys carefully.

Lin crouches in the rafters,watching the beast with wide eyes.

Maxine yelps and jumps back against the wall

Thud holds gun and club in hand but stays out of range of that sword so can't help much.

Maxine involuntarily reaches her hand to Marat's for safety

Marat holds Maxine's wrist to comfort her, then.

The blood beast bunches itself and springs upwards, to wrap extensibly around Bleys' leg and crawl upwards further ...

Bleys forces one eye open, flames seeming to flicker in it, and looks down at the beast.

Yatashi, broken through a corner of the walls of Bleys' mind, is nevertheless overextended and at the edge of his strength; he pushes all he is towards one thing, that the beast should live to deliver its charge of venom and thus shake Bleys' resistance.

Thud moves closer to Jonathan.

Bleys opens his mouth to scream but no sound comes out. He fights to bring his sword around off the table to slash the beast, but seems to be moving slow.

Marat stands and steps forward, reaching for his knife.

Maxine edges her small form underneath the table
Maxine watches nervously.

The beast crawls upwards, upwards ... reaching out a coil to hook around Bleys' arm, not to harm or to squeeze, apparently, but simply to change grips ...

Jonathan draws his gun, which flares into blue sparks.

Lin scrambles lower in the rafters and clenches the hard cue ball. She watches.

Bleys staggers back from the table, and slams into the bar, knocking glasses and ashtrays off. With his free hand he gropes out for support.

Marat readies his throwing knife.

Thud moves to the side, gun up.

Jonathan sparkles faintly, as the blue spreads up his arm and over his body.

The beast lashes out fangsfirst for Bleys' hand.

Bridgitte steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.

Kyrani flutters in after Bridgitte.

Marat hurls his dagger for the beast's head.

[Voices full of venom, "SHE NEVER LOVED YOU, not once Constantine warned her of what you are."]

Bleys clutches the edge of fish tank.

Lin says "No! You'll hit him."

Bridgitte sighs.

Maxine lets out a small cry!

Thud closes to the end of bar.

Bleys yells as the dagger slides through the beast and into his leg.

The beast doesn't look happy about this, mind.

Bridgitte grows long claws and sets up in a defensive crouch.
Bridgitte stares at a card in her hand.

Jonathan mutters, "Iiiiiiidiot."

Marat says "Shit..."

Lin scrambles across the rafters and over the bar, she leans down to reach out a hand to Bleys.

Marat says "Thanks for the suggestions then, Jonathan."

Lin says "Here!"

Jonathan moves toward Bleys.

Thud closes from the other side of the bar.

The beast turns briefly to glare at Marat, trying after for Bleys' hand again.

Bleys pulls over the fish tank, spilling the water and fish onto the carpet as he falls.

Jonathan mumbles something about special effects as he closes to within arm's reach of Bleys and the monster.

Marat loads the heavy crossbow.
Marat shifts his position.

Tiffany just sits there, head in hands, looking progressively less happy.

Lin drops off her rafter and onto the floor.

Jonathan reaches out, wreathed in blue electric fuzz, for the bloodbeast.

Maxine watches from under the table

The beast flounders around, knocking fish out of the way, not really hurt yet but having intellectual difficulty with the situation.

Bleys opens his mouth again, and the beast sinks it's fangs into his hand.

Thud closes from 120 degrees off jonathan. Club away, gun out.

Jonathan places his hands directly on the bloodbeast, which is both attached to Bleys and not paying attention to him, and squeezes.

Bleys clenches that hand spasmodically as the teeth slash tendons.

Bridgitte wonders where the beast is.

Marat says "Someone stand by with bandages!"

All over Bleys.
It's really not his color, mind you. :)

Tabitha steps into the shadows and slowly fades away. Or that's your impression, at least.

Thud scans the room.

Bleys growls something.

Maxine eyes the spectacle of Bleys injury with horror

Bridgitte pulls out her HK227...

The beast breaks in two as Jonathan squeezes it, and both parts look singularly surprised. The part on Bleys' body flails once or twice and then wilts a little.

Lin can't figure out what to do so she stands dramaticly.

Bridgitte thinks better of it and puts it away.

Maxine tears at the bottom of her dress and unravels

Bleys slams the hand with the dangling blood beast on the floor, trying to dislodge it.

Bridgitte walks over to Bleys...slowly.

Priss appears in a rainbow sparkle.

Maxine, thinking the danger passing, edges out from underneath the table

Bridgitte tries to help remove the corpse.

Chandra waves to Priss, and smiles, "Brawl."

Thud reachs down to grab a hunk of active BB.

Priss grins, "SO I hear, anything left?"

It comes off at last, fangs cutting Bleys' hand as they tear free.

Lin says "Just nasty bloodbeastie."
Lin grins.

Bleys rolls over, slowly, and gets to his hands and knees.

Chandra says "Not much."

Bridgitte says "I'll heal it, Bleys."
Bridgitte looks at Bleys' hand.

Bleys clenches the sword tightly, and rises.

[And the iron walls, fuzzy now with fatigue and venom, close about Yatashi. Yatashi's will is a symphony of pain and despair in Bleys' mind, yet it is close to weeping now, as its edge frays as much as did the body ...]

Maxine offers Bridgette the torn bottom of her dress as bandages

Thud lets go and backs off.

Bridgitte shakes her head.

Bleys opens his eyes, which appear to have blue flames flashing from them now.

Maxine backs away sheepishly

Lin sees she's not needed and leaps back up into the rafters, like an eerie spider.

Blue fuzz clings around what's left of it, as it struggles weakly with Thud, and finally turns liquid and puddles out, dead.

[Bleys, somewhere within his mind, takes a step; "the third veil is the hardest ..."]

Bridgitte calmly closes her eyes and begins a soft faerie song as she kneels by Bleys.

A small glimmering, then a glittering, and finally a gleaming glow shines forth from Bridgitte's hands as she weaves an intricate pattern in the air. Her song rises and falls with her hands' motions through the air.

Thud backs out of sword range, watching the room.

Jonathan turns to Bleys, still glittering.

Bleys holds up his bloody hand, and looks at it.
Bleys staggers towards the door.

Bridgitte says "Want me to heal it?"

Lin scrambles up high into the rafters.
Lin puts her cue ball away.

Bleys moves with a noticable limp, as blood leaks onto the floor from Marat's dagger.

[In Bleys' mind: 'You need me. Give in. I'm your last link to the General of Chaos, and all of his codes and standing orders.']

Bridgitte holds her glowing hands before her.

McCormick steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.

Tabitha steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.
Tabitha wanders up quietly, a light breeze blowing through her hair.

Priss hmms, "Just in time..."

Lin sits down at the rafters.

Bleys stops and leans heavily against the table near the door.

McCormick steps in and looks over the situation.

Bridgitte walks toward Bleys.
Bridgitte says "Let me heal you."

Lin just hangs in the rafters,feet dangling,watching the scene.

Jonathan mutters to Bleys.

McCormick says "Thank Tabitha and the mirror maker."

Bleys growls, and slams his sword into the table.

The table parts.

Bridgitte walks slightly closer to Bleys.

Lin mutters to Bridgitte.

Chandra says to Bridgitte, "I would suggest standing a bit back for the moment, hm?"

Priss walks over to Bridge.

Bridgitte pauses slightly at the table's destruction...but then continues.

Bleys looks at Jonathan with flaming eyes.

McCormick gets out his scanners and approachs the inured Prince with extreme caution.

Bleys drops to one knee.

Lin says "Somebody grab her."

Kiera wanders out of the door to Dworkin knows where.

Priss walks a little faster, finnaly catching up to her and lays a hand on her shoulder.

Bridgitte kneels by Bleys.

Jonathan reaches out to Bleys' shoulder.

Bridgitte says "Let me help...please."

Chandra says "If he wanted your help, dear, I think he would have asked for it."

Bridgitte's face shows obvious exertion.

Lin says "Yeah."

Jonathan glances to Bridgitte. His voice is distorted and crackles. "You can't. Move away if you'd be safe."

Thud moves between Jonathan and Bridigitte, one hand on an amulet.

Priss says "Bridge, move, now."

Bridgitte growls.

["Work together ... we can kill her ... I won't oppose you ..."]

Bleys flinches at Jonathan's touch, and raises his sword.

Jonathan says "You're disrupting his concentration. *Go* *away*."

Bridgitte stands.

[Fourth veil.
"What are you proposing, Yatashi?"]

Jonathan drops his hand.

Lin scrambles thorugh the rafters to another vantage point.

McCormick scans the wound quietly and at a range. :)

Bleys lowers the sword.

Bridgitte's hands flare out as she releases her spell...gasping as it tears at her energies.

Lin mutters to Priss, "... some..."

Thud moves forwards to escort Bridigtte to a safe distance.

Bridgitte says "Leave me be."

Chandra smirks.

Bridgitte does not move.

Priss slowly walks backwards, pulling Bridge with her, "Bridge, leave now"

Chandra walks over towards the mirror.

Bleys continues to look at Jonathan.

Bridgitte gets pulled back, obviously resisting.


Bleys opens his mouth as if to speak, then screams loudly.

Jonathan looks back at Bleys, and shimmers.

Lin leaps out of the rafters and helps Priss pull Bridgette back.

Priss continues walking backwards, dragging Bridge with her until she gets over to the mirror.

Bridgitte says "Trust no one?"

Thud steps between Bridgitte and Bleys keeps her moving until well out of sword range.

Bridgitte turns and swings a hand at Priss, "UNHAND ME!!"

Lin says "Uh oh."

Bridgitte roars and echoing thunder.

Maxine scurries back under tbhe table

Priss effortlessly catches Bridge's hand with her free hand, "Bad move, move it. Now"

[Images: give in, surrender control, Chaos will be our oyster ...]

Bridgitte grows tiny spikes on her hands.

Thud stops a sword + step range from bleys. Attempts to form cordon with size and presence.

Lin stands next to Thud, blocking the way back to Bleys.

[Jonathan's Pattern touches Bleys, reinforces Bleys ...]

Priss winces slightly, then spins her arm around catching Bridge across the head with her elbow.

Marat leans against the wall and watches.

Thud nods his head ever so slightly.

Bridgitte falls to the floor limply.

Chandra tsks softly at Priss, "And you wonder why you lose friends."

Lin actually looks imposing for a short red headed dead punk chick.

["Counter deal," says Bleys, as Jonathan's Pattern sweeps through the world. "You live, for now. I retain control. And we talk this over, civilized, ... later."]

Priss says "oh? And have something worse happen to her trying to interfere with Bleys?"

Lin says "Like dying."

Bridgitte growls as blood trickles from a small cut on her forehead.

Maxine looks up at Marat from under the table with wide eyes.

Chandra chuckles.

[Weakly: "Deal."
One last thought, defiant and paranoid, as Yatashi's offense and defense collapse as one ...
"I trust the word of a Prince of Amber."]

Bleys eyes flare brightly, and the scream cuts off.

Bridgitte touches her forehead near the cut.

[Bleys tucks Yatashi nicely into a sealed corner of his mind, and leaves him there.]
Bleys' eyes flicker, and fade.
Bleys closes his eyes.

Bridgitte clenches her teeth and slowly closes the wound.

Priss opens her hand, a slight trinkle of blood running down it.

McCormick waits, watches, kit ready, knowing Jonathan at least knows he is present.

Bridgitte climbs to her feet.

Lin stand beside Thud, watching Bridgitte.

Tiffany begins to cry ... quietly, except for the occasional hoarse sob.

Thud scans the room.

Bridgitte growls.

Priss puts her other hand on Bridge's shoulder and pushes her back to the floor.

Bleys takes a ragged and deep breathe.

Lin taps Thud's shoulder and points at Tiffany.

Bridgitte slowly sprouts spikes.

Chandra looks curiously at Bridgitte.

Bridgitte says "Nardoth senoi!"

Bleys looks up at Jonathan, and nods. "It's okay."

Jonathan watches Bleys.

Bleys uses his sword to help himself to his unsteady feet.

Priss growls, sending another elbow into Bridge's head, hoping to knock her out.

Maxine looks around the room for an exit

Jonathan dims, flickers, and fades.
Jonathan says "Good. It looked damned painful."

Lin peers at Bridgitte. "OO spikes."

Thud glances at Tiffany, nods to Lin, but looks back at Bridgitte. Checks his gloves and weapons.

Tiffany, at her table, cries as if her soul were gone.

Bridgitte falls to the floor again and solidfies the skin on her head into harder substances...

Lin starts to walk towards Bridgitte.

Bleys slowly sheathes his sword.
Bleys winces.
Bleys says "It was."

Bridgitte slowly climbs to her feet again.

Lin glances at Priss. "May I help you restrain her?"

McCormick mutters to Jonathan, "... Simple puncture... looks... poison... not... great... Abrasions."

Jonathan nods. "Can I get you something? A drink? Triple antibiotic ointment?"

Bleys rubs his head.

Jonathan nods to McCormick.

Priss opens up her other arm, blood flowing down to her wrist.

Bleys notices the bloody hand.

Bridgitte says "You...leave....me...alone...."

Bleys glances down, and then at Marat.
Bleys raises an eyebrow.

Bridgitte says "I...only wanted...to...help...."
Bridgitte says "BASTARDS!"

Lin says "Relax."

Bleys blinks through sweat and blood. "Thank you Bridgitte."

Marat looks back at Bleys.

Thud says "Ask first."

Bridgitte growls.
Bridgitte says "GO TO THE DEATHS!!"

Bleys says "Marat... I think you should practice some more."

Bridgitte to Thud.

Lin says "Damn."

Bleys smiles weakly.
Bleys walks over to the bar, and sags against it.

Priss looks down at her bleeding palms, then to Crash.

Marat says "I agree..I thought I had a clear shot. My apologies."

Bridgitte wobbles on her feet...
Bridgitte touches her left ear as blood trickles from it.

Bleys says "I mean, you didn't even hit the artery."
Bleys smiles again.

Jonathan laughs.

Lin says "You best let someone help YOU miss. All that healing isn't doing to good for your energy and will power."

Re: Tiffany
Bleys pages: I think he's cutting her off [from Yatashi, in that space where her connection to Daddy should be]. Personally, she'd be better off. :)

Bridgitte says "SHUT UP!!"

McCormick paralells Bleys, and sets down the kit. Puts the scanner where Bleys can see the hologram readouts.

Bleys groans a bit.

Bridgitte stumbles over to the bar for support.

Bleys says "Well, hell."

From the bar, A bouncer quietly walks through the bar removing some of the limp lifeless bodies, as well as the garbage they've left behind.

Maxine curls up under the table around the post and closes her eyes shut tightly...

Lin says "I am just trying to help. Like you were."

Priss slides a knife from her belt and cuts a few strips off of her tshirt and wraps it around her hands.

Bleys says "Bandage me up, and give this..."

Thud steps to the bar..between B and B.

Bleys yanks the dagger free with a wince, and with a wobbly throw, lobs it to Marat.

Lin stands by Bridgitte at the bar.

Bleys says "To Marat."

Bridgitte falls to one knee as blood continues to drip from her ear.

Marat catches it by the spinning pommel.

McCormick nods and procedes.

Bleys orders a big old fashioned full of whiskey. Madeleine pushes it across the bar and it slides to a stop in front of him.

Lin says "Hey Crash."

Bleys says "And would someone please help Bridgitte."

Lin says "When you get a chance...."

Tabitha glances at Priss's hands. "May I?"

Marat uncocks the crossbow and slings it.

Bridgitte says "LEAVE ME..."

Bleys says "She's in rougher shape then I am."

Priss says "please do.."

Bridgitte says "BE!!"

Bleys says "And she did try and help."

Lin mutters to Bridgitte.

Tiffany looks up quietly at Bleys with something between accusation and apology.

Bleys looks at Bridgitte, and smiles a bit.

Bridgitte winces...

Bleys shifts his gaze to Tiffany.

Bridgitte roars...

Lin says "Yow."

Marat sits down at the booth in the near corner.

Bleys studies her.

Tabitha takes Priss' hands in hers and starts whispering something.

Bridgitte pulls a bloody hand from her ear.

Bleys shakes his head a bit.

Tiffany smiles wanly.

McCormick says "Can not help an unwilling patient. Nearly got me killed too many times."

Marat assists Maxine out from under the table.

Tiffany takes a Trump of Berkeley 'Quad' from her sleeve.

Lin steps back, clenching her fists.

Bridgitte says "Damnit."

Maxine struggles away from Marat's grip and holds the pole weeping inconsolably.

Bleys mutters to McCormick. "Care to bandage these quicker. Blood's hell to clean out."

Tiffany turns the Trump around, showing it to Bleys, if he is still looking her direction, and then turns it back to look at it.

Lin mutters to Bridgitte.

Bridgitte turns and walks toward Bleys, quickly losing the spikes and the hard skull.

Tabitha stops herself and gently removes the bandages from Priss' hands.

[You stare at the card, examining the image upon it.]
[The world changes around you...]

Berkeley 'Quad'
The wide area between the library and history building should be a lawn, but isn't. Instead, it's gravelled, the frequently raked patterns quite frequently marred by intruding student footprints. Three low bronze pyramids, one somewhat melted, squat in the gravel like grumpy islands. The library has a somehow mournful air, as if its sudden renovations aren't taking well, but the history building is venerable, and miraculously untouched. Over thataway is the disgustingly picturesque camponile.

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