Yatashi: Part 9.5

Yatashi Log 9.5

OOC Discussion & Unlogged IC Events between Scenes

A lot of time had passed, and I told Constantine IC and OOC that I was ready: he should start bringing people to Yatashi.

After some thought, we decided that the first of these should be Marat. Constantine knew that he was a threat to Chance's life, and Yatashi (and I) were still interested in her participation. In fact, getting Marat was the first step of, yes, Plan #2.

Plan #2: Get Marat. Details pending.

Plan #2.5: Constantine talks to Chance. Tells her that he can't share the details, because of certain loyalties still called, but that Yatashi (who she met once, admitted) took action to save her life ... and is in the hospital for it. She should talk to him.

Neat and simple. I figured that Yatashi could work from that for a while without mental domination needed. Be friendly, nice. He was going to work towards blood-siblingry or somesuch. You've read the logs, and would have a better idea of my chances than I do :)

The next day, Marat suddenly killed Chance.

Plan #3: Get Marat. (Constantine still had orders to.) Then do the only thing I can do with him, since he was likely to be a useful warrior. That is, do what I can with sorcery and a pocket Advanced Shapeshifter to change his aura and shape. And then make a bloodbeast for Constantine or Yatashi to kill.

That night, there was suddenly a lynch mob.

Plan #4: Get Marat. Yell at him loudly about how annoyed I was at him killing someone Yatashi wanted, and then save his life, as before. Give his head to someone. Spence. Lord Yyvrael. As publically as possible.

But at that point, Marat wasn't answering mail (who could blame him?) and shortly afterwards ... Constantine and Tanith decided to die. Knowing how they died, there's only one explanation ... Daddy attacked Yatashi hard, distracted him, kept him away from help, away from where he could keep his pets and charges safe. Because it would have been trivial. But when he got back to Berkeley, bedraggled and exhausted and frustrated, he found that his house of cards had collapsed. His Trump Artist and his connection sources had gone and died, and his father was hard at his back. There was only one way to preserve his plan.

He went after someone who could make all his losses nothing. The only one left of that kind of people whose life he had touched, whose mind he had touched, however glancingly. In a kind of paradoxical way, the only person left on Amber and Chaos that he trusted.


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