Yatashi: Part 5.5

Yatashi Log 5.5

OOC Discussion & Unlogged IC Events between Scenes

Stage 1, then, is complete. Constantine is under Yatashi's control. Tanith and Bleys are the only potential threats to further plans, and Tanith is in a firm grip.

It had been a long night's roleplay, and no one was interested in going on with things completely. So Yatashi's commands were fairly simple: he made them consider him a friend, and had them use a bit of space in the back of their minds to catalogue how they could be useful to him.

Both IC and OOC, Yatashi and Constantine realized that Constantine could best serve Yatashi by 'feeding' him people ... low-psyche Chaosians and Amberites of note. I don't remember the entire list, but Constantine thought that he could deliver Chance and Kragalldwir without difficulty, and that we could get Rand and Tabitha. There were many more, but those were the people I turned my OOC eye to.

I had originally intended to start by selling Aspnes secrets for an alliance ... the more power Yatashi could have that wasn't based on Psyche alone, the stabler everything was. Unfortunately, as far as Constantine could tell, Aspnes had no real enemies save Chanicut. Further, when I went looking OOC for a grasp on the labyrinthine politics of Chaos that I could now justify IC, I found nothing ... as far as I could figure out OOC, there was no politics in Chaos to speak of. This may be a misimpression. In any case, as far as I could see, selling Aspnes secrets involved allying with Chanicut and having Constantine ask OOC permission from the members of Aspnes, and it was decided it wasn't worth it.

For nearly a week, things waited there. I didn't want to start involving other people until Yatashi had made a public appearance or two. Constantine had made him a Trump Deck, of course ... but I thought Yatashi would seem better grounded and less like a random newbie if he appeared in Constantine's company. Arranging that took a while, and I didn't want to lose momentum ... so, when Yatashi finally visited a Constantine who was both online and not entangled in other plot threads, I tried to make it interesting. It was, in all honesty, rash of me to do so.

-- Keely!

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