Yatashi: Part 6

Scene VI

Yatashi's Viewpoint

This scene didn't work very well. Poor luck, timing, and I had to leave too soon. :/ Yatashi is giving off female vibes, although it's not entirely clear whether this was my mood or its.

[You establish contact with Constantine. Use !message to talk.]

The image of Constantine smiles. "Hey, Yatashi. How are you?"

Yatashi says "Hi." to the image of Constantine.
To the image of Constantine, Yatashi's image looks to be under some strain.
Yatashi says "Can I come through? I need your help." to the image of Constantine.

The image of Constantine is in his apartment, relaxing in the kitchen nook. He frowns. "Of course. What's wrong?"

Yatashi says "It's Daddy. Please, quickly?" to the image of Constantine.

Constantine offers to pull you through.

You grasp Constantine's hand, and are pulled through.

Berkeley -- Apartment
Three walls of this apartment are white. The other is covered with an unfinished abstraction in arrogant green, and blue and brown. The ceiling is about half skylight, half freshly painted soft grey paint. Little furniture clutters the hardwood floor, only a futon and frame, a plain grey couch, a low table, and ample bookshelves. One corner of the room, opposite the bathroom, extends into a small kitchen nook with a breakfast bar separating it from the rest of the room. A door with poster leads out into the corridor.

Yatashi appears, grasping Constantine's hand.

Constantine says "Safe here? Need more defenses?"

Yatashi says "Not really." She frowns, looking intent. "Listen. I need you to follow my instructions pretty carefully. Okay?"

Constantine nods, listening.

Yatashi says "Daddy's trying to take me over completely. I don't want that to happen. I kind of prepared, but he'll find me pretty soon."

Constantine says "Tiffany in danger?"

Yatashi says "I don't know. Probably not ... I don't think he needs the Mor yet."

Constantine says "Alright. Go ahead."

Yatashi says "Listen. I'd like you to touch me ... kind of reach out for my mind ... and then pull up Trump around me. Can you do that?" With a slight frown, she lessens any suspicions you might have about her knowing about Trump defense, but might not completely obliterate them.

Constantine paces a few steps, thinking.
Constantine says, slowly, "I can try, but I don't think it would work. It's not an external power, neh?"

Yatashi nods. "I understand. I ... there are some ways around that, maybe. Do you know someone who might be better able to help?"

Constantine leans against the end of the counter, thinking. "Not that I'd trust. I don't think anyone who's not as good as I am could manage it."
Constantine says "Caine, maybe. But it'd cost."

Yatashi nods. "A sorcerer or someone with one of those other Powers, possibly. But I hope that you can manage it."

Constantine says "Mmm. Can you tell me more about what kind of attack it is?"

Yatashi says "I'm part of him, technically. Sort of. And he's trying to extend his will into that part. Kind of like ... if you wanted to control your pulse, instead of letting it run."

Constantine says "Connected...magically?"

Yatashi frowns. "I'm a part of his world. No matter where I am."

Constantine shakes his head, worried. "When I use the Trump as defense, it's not manipulating energy so much as it is forming a sense of my own reality so strong that it can't be interfered with."
Constantine says "I can't really do that for others."

Yatashi starts giving off male vibes.

Yatashi says, drawn, "Can you think of anything else that would offer relative safety?"

Constantine taps his fingers thoughtfully on the counter. "Tell me more about him?"

Yatashi says quietly, "He is out there, somewhere ... between the worlds. He has his own reality, ... you understand? He controls everything. But I'm made of the stuff of his reality, partially, even though summoned here. And that's how he can find me. I'm trying to hide my piece of him, but he is very powerful."

Constantine nods, thoughtful. "Alright. I'm the wrong person. You need someone with either Pattern or Logrus, beyond the basic mastery."
Constantine grins a bit. "Those, I can find."

Yatashi says "Who among them can we contact?"
Yatashi says, "I should leave this Shadow. He knows that I am here."

Constantine says "That I can ask? Chance is our best bet. Jonathan...not really, not right now. I've drawn too much on him recently."
Constantine says "The bar would throw him off? It's a pocket world, and its 'location' varies."

Yatashi nods. "It would help, perhaps."

Constantine nods, and offers his hand.

Yatashi takes it.

Worlds' End Bar(#0RHJ)
Carpetted in soft red, its heavy, polished wooden tables and comfortable, leather-backed chairs tinged sepia beneath the light from stained coach-lamps on the smokey rafters, this bar does not at first seem out of the ordinary. It is only when you notice the enormous variety in food and drinks here, or the diverse speech of its patrons, or the fact that nobody here ever seems to pay, that you begin to realise that this is no ordinary shadow bar.
For this is the Worlds' End Bar, and it drifts unanchored, through shadow. It is a place where Amberite Princes mix with the lowest of shadow-rats. A place where Law and the Lords of Chaos wheel and deal beneath a thin layer of conviviality. A place where lives and nations are bought and sold, where secrets are buried or revealed over tea, or a glass of wine. A place to enjoy yourself, but warily.
The bartender on duty is Edward, and the servers are Jacko and Hans.
Magic Recording Device

Carl_Danners nods to Constantine.

Damascus says "Mind if I join you, Carl?"

Constantine nods back.

Carl_Danners says "No."

Damascus sits down at the small round table near the door.

Yatashi looks around, curiousity in his eyes.

[The long mahogany bar (#1) has 8 empty seats.
The small round table near the door (#2) has 1 empty seats.
Seated are: Damascus and Carl_Danners
The long table in the center (#3) has 9 empty seats.
The large round table near the far wall (#4) has 6 empty seats.
The tiny table near the mirror (#5) has 2 empty seats.
The booth in the far corner (#6) has 4 empty seats.
The booth in the near corner (#7) has 4 empty seats.
The booth on the far wall (#8) has 4 empty seats.
The rafters (#9) has 8 empty seats.]

Constantine smiles slightly. "Welcome to the bar, Yatashi."

ed209 says "wimps."

Constantine says "Carl, Damascus, meet Yatashi."

Carl_Danners says "Hi."

Constantine says "Yatashi, Carl and Damascus."

ed209 pivits toward constantine and lears at her.

Damascus says "Hello, Yatashi."

Carl_Danners glances at the robot.

Constantine glances at ed209.

Shaterix appears in a rainbow sparkle.
Shaterix has arrived.

Carl_Danners says "Get your sensors checked."

Shaterix bows.

ed209 says "get your flesh slug self a new brain punk."

Constantine walks over to the large round table.
Constantine says "Have a seat, Yatashi."

Yatashi smiles. "Thank you," he says to Constantine, and then turns towards Damascus and Carl Danners. "Pleasant to meet you."

Constantine sits down at the large round table near the far wall.

[Yatashi sits down and joins you.]

Shaterix looks at the ED209 and grunts. "Thought I quit manufacturin' those when I bought OCP," he mutters.

ed209 says "nope but hey there's always a first BUDDY"
ed209 says "rrrrrrrrrrooooooooooaaaaaaaarrrrrr(lowlly"

Constantine orders a pot of Aspnes Kona. Madeleine hands it to Hans, who takes it to the large round table near the far wall and sets it before him.

ed209 says "like what ya see"

Shaterix sits down at the long mahogany bar.

At your table, Constantine says "Carl says the robot's not a problem, but stay alert."

Constantine pours a cup of coffee, looks at Yatashi.

Shaterix looks the ED209 over. "Och are ye kiddin'? Th'ardsuits I make over in MegaTokyo're faster, sleeker, an' 'ave mair firepower."

Yatashi smiles, a little weakly, at Constantine.

At your table, Yatashi says "It has helped."

At your table, Constantine says "Good. Coffee?"

ed209 says "nothing beats american made hell fire."

Yatashi glances at the robot, as if considering making some sort of reply to its presence, but turns back after only a moment to Constantine.

Shaterix says "American? Hah! There's nae bettair cyberware on th'market t'day than good auld Cerebron Cybernetics made in Scotland, ye ken."


Carl_Danners eats more fish and chips.

ed209 says "your cool man whats your name."

Carl_Danners grunts.

Shaterix says "Richard R. MacShatten, Th.D."

Damascus orders a can of Coke and a bacon cheeseburger w/ kethchup and mayo.

Madeleine hands it to Kumiko, who takes it to the small round table near the door and sets it before him.

ed209 says "cool my name E.D. 209"

At your table, Constantine says "Do you think it'll throw him off, once you leave?"

Damascus cracks the can and sips.

Shaterix says "Aye, I ken. I've read ye'er design schematics. An' pairsonally, I think a child could do a wairld mair good."

ed209 says "you havent read my design im a new model from los angelas."

Damascus takes a large bite of his tasty burger.

ed209 says "im a cyborg unit."

Shaterix says "Ye are, are ye?"

[Constantine senses "Yatashi touches here and there on parts of your mind, stimulating your potential for creative solutions, and skimming for things that would help."]

Shaterix looks at ED209. "Oh, aye. I can feel ye'er mind. Nae verra strong, is it?"

ed209 says "yes if you have hook up i will file you my make up"

Shaterix says "Weel now, tha's verra generous o'ye."
Shaterix brushes his tongue over a molar.

ed209 says "do you have hook ups"

Constantine glances over at ed209, back at Yatashi, thoughtful.

Cyberprobe-002 has arrived.

Yatashi sips at a cup of Kona.

Cyberprobe-002 says "Good evening, Dr. MacShatten. How can Cybermind assist you?"

At your table, Constantine says "How would a world that drains magical energy affect you? Poorly? How about the connection?"

Shaterix says "Och, intairface wi' th'ED209 unit ower there an' send downloaded data back tae core memory."

ed209 says "what do i do man,ooc"

Cyberprobe-002 floats over to the ED209 and positions its interface port.

Dyson steps out from a shadowy corner, near the mirror.
Dyson has arrived.

ed209open interface port

Damascus takes another large and tasty bite of his burger.

ed209 says "ooohhh maaaaammmmaaaa"

At your table, Yatashi says quietly, "It might be a problem ... mm. One I could handle, however. What it does to the connection depends on how it works, and what magics it controls ..."

Dyson sighs.

Carl_Danners grunts.
Carl_Danners eats more of his fish and chips.

At your table, Constantine frowns. "Not sure; it's not my field. Willing to try?"

Cyberprobe-002 says "I am Cerebron Cybernetics artifical intelligence Exodus IIa designated Cybermind. I do not experience sexual ectasy."

At your table, Yatashi nods. "All right."

ed209 says "nethier do i"

Cyberprobe-002 says "Download complete."

Constantine stands from his table.

ed209 says "i have nothing to hide from such a prestigess man"

Cyberprobe-002 disengages from the ED209. "Have a nice day, Dr. MacShatten."

Constantine stands up and stretches, leaving the table.

Cyberprobe-002 has left.

[You stand up and stretch, pushing in your seat.]

Dyson says "Prestigious."

Shaterix chuckles.

ed209 says "is that cool shatterix."

Shaterix orders a glass of scotch. Madeleine pushes it across the bar and it slides to a stop in front of him.

ed209 says "ooc sorry about my spelling."

Yatashi smiles, with a touch of faint apology, and prepares to leave with Constantine.

Shaterix's eyes narrow. "What? 'ow'd ye lairn me real name?" he asks, reaching for his pocket.

Constantine says "Take care, Carl, Damascus."

Carl_Danners nods to Constantine, Yatashi. "Bye."

Dyson nods, oocly. "Spelling I can handle, ed. But were the capital letters truuly necessary?"

Dyson subtracts a 'u'.

Carl_Danners says "You too."

Constantine says "Always."

ed209 says "yes i heard it used from a nother person, my friend symphony"

Constantine walks to the mirror.

Shaterix says "I see."

Damascus says "Later."

Yatashi waves.

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