Yatashi: Part 6.5

Yatashi Log 6.5

OOC Discussion & Unlogged IC Events between Scenes

I had assumed that Trump could handle it. Price of not knowing the rules in utter detail :) For this reason, Yatashi spends a great deal of time between scenes 6-10 dodging Yog-Sothoth. At least it removed a potential plot hole :)

Tiffany reappears sometime in this period. Logically, she had been taken over sometime after Scene 5. There's a place in her being where she was linked to Yog-Sothoth; that connection damaged by a trapped gargoyle earlier is replaced now by a connection to Yatashi, making her loyalty near-absolute. Once that was tight, though, it didn't do Yatashi any real good to keep her. When I felt like playing her, she hung out in the bar and did mild propaganda.

-- Keely!

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