Yatashi: Part 8.5

Yatashi Log 8.5

OOC Discussion & Unlogged IC Events between Scenes

This is when Yatashi, in the original plan, should have removed the other mind control from Tanith. So she asked its creator about this, OOC, and was told that it should not be easily removed, as it had been fixed into her mind with a piece of the Logrus.

This annoyed Yatashi no end, of course. On the other hand, it offered an opportunity. And so Yatashi's Plan #1 to take his third victim took shape.

Plan #1: Approach Chance. Chance is to all accounts miffed at Tanith because Tanith has gotten angry at her and won't explain why. Yatashi can easily inform her that a mentalist of some skill has implanted commands in Tanith's mind, and nailed them in with Logrus. She would likely respond well to this: the Logrus is provably there, and its intent is ambiguous enough to be a possible reason for Tanith suddenly turning against her. The obvious solution is for her to let Yatashi's skilled mind guide her Logrus Mastery in unravelling it. Poof: the Logrus in Tanith's mind is gone, and Chance (a noble and a Logrus Master of some power) has given that first step for psyche domination, consent.

Unfortunately, Chance chose OOC not to participate. The details of the plot and the earlier logs were unknown to her, which may have influenced her decision. Since I would have felt silly asking her OOC for permission during the actual attack, that left nothing for it but not to attack at all. At least, not that way.

Meanwhile, after a few failed tries to find somewhere more official than the bar bulletin board to put something, Yatashi posted about the war.

To All Parties interested in Profit & Adventure

My name is Yatashi. My father is a place far from here, and twisted beyond imagining. His name is Yog-Sothoth, and some of the stories of him are true. I am of his substance, but not of his mind. And yet his voice sounds loudly in my soul, and I would be free forever.

He cannot be killed without causing the death of his children. But I can conquer him, and I have conceived a plan to do so. I have need of mercenaries or heroes to carry forth this plan: warriors, mages, scouts, tacticians. The funds available to me are vast, and should this war be won they will be unlimited. If monies will not move you, I can only ask that you assist me in my cause for principle.

My office is in the Paragram Industries building, suite 401, located one block south of the 'Seattle' mirror. I can also be contacted through General Constantine of Chaos, who is acting as my advisor in this matter.

() Yatashi

War! (OOC Notes)

  1. All non-twink characters acceptable, if acceptable IC. BPSI, Phoenix Company, and other mercenary companies acceptable. Freelance players and puppets, established or new, are fine.

  2. PCs will not be killed without OOC permission. However, you will be fighting an entire Shadow, and you should not join this venture without accepting that your character will be seriously challenged ... whatever their stats.

  3. If you are interested in helping run the opposition ... various pseudo-Lovecraftian nasties ... let me know.

  4. Similarly, if you are interested in having something very or mildly icky or unusual happen to you, let me know.

  5. Constantine is an IC contact, but all +mail, pages, and OOC communications should go to Yatashi.

Thank you for your interest!

It was probably a mistake not to list the sources where the message could be seen. I wanted to, actually, and it was in the first draft ... but I wound up running awfully close to the character limit for bbposts with both messages. I had to use some pretty slimy tricks to fit them on as it was :)

Maybe that's the reason. Maybe, as someone else put it, the population responded to these messages as 'Yatashi playing with himself'. Or I might just have not been on enough, on in the bar enough, or on in the bar with Constantine there anywhere near enough. In any case, response was minimal. With a lot of work, I could have fielded a team of 4 people or so, and involved one or two others IC.

I should have, of course. It would have been more honorable, and I probably could have done so before Yatashi's death. The simplest answer is that I didn't get enough good people to want to run something that was going to be very very hard to GM ... that is, a battle scenario that I wanted to be dramatic, epic, and actually interesting.

I kind of wish I'd felt otherwise. I wanted to see what it was like to swap a scout for a doppelganger and watch the bar react to a well-loved regular when an octopoid and hard-beaked monster burst out from the confines of their skin, to confront my army with a darling concept that Christoph lent me, some of the classic horrors, or ... well, I had various ideas, none of which transpired, because. :)

So. While a few people filed into Yatashi's office for their interviews, he still got out occasionally.

At some point, I figured, Tanith would break free of Yatashi's control, and would probably get Constantine out as well. That was going to be months in the future, and when it happened, Yatashi would die. Constantine would kill him, and since this was as much my decision as that of Constantine's player, it was inevitable. :) However, I didn't feel any real urge to make it easy. The following log shows Yatashi taking the first step towards making it fairly difficult, even for Aspnes.

-- Keely!

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