Yatashi: Part 8

Scene VIII

Tanith visits Yatashi

Yatashi knows that Tanith & Constantine are leaving Berkeley for a week. He decides that it would be wise to ... clean up his control of her a little, beforehand. He has, metaphorically speaking, control of Tanith through a wound in her mind: he would rather use this as a starting point for establishing a deeper and gentler control, and then let the wound heal. The conversation is perhaps not directly important, but there is a parallel between the structure of their exchange of words and the structure of their exchange of thoughts; by the end, Tanith is ready for his control.

Tanith rings the bell to Yatashi's apartment, then knocks on the door. She puts her eye up against the spyglass so it'll look huge to anyone peeking through.

Yatashi calls out, "A moment."

His hair is close-cropped and brown, and his face is simple. He stands a little shy of six feet tall, lean but not homely in a linen robe that washes downwards over his form. A pair of worn brown sandals wrap around his feet. His eyes are faceted and dark within their sockets.

Tanith says "Oh, good! I couldn't remember if it was this one or the apartment building next door."

His hair is close-cropped and brown, and his face is simple. He stands a little shy of six feet tall, lean but not homely in a linen bathrobe that washes downwards over his form. A pair of worn brown sandals wrap around his feet. His eyes are faceted and dark within their sockets.

Yatashi walks up to the door, and pulls it open. He's wearing a bathrobe, but his outfit isn't very different from the usual in any real sense.

Tanith says "Whoops. Did I come at a bad time?"
Tanith says "I was in the area."
Tanith holds up a shopping bag. "I had to get a bathing suit!"

Yatashi smiles. "It's all right. I was simply resting."
Yatashi stands back away from the door. "Do come in."

Tanith enters, looking around curiously. "*Woo*, it's hot!"
Tanith says "What a day."

Yatashi's apartment is simply furnished. The main room is in dark fall colors, brown and orange. Carved of a rich dark wood, a small table forms the centerpiece, with a large violet crystal sitting on the center. A couch, a bed, a painting, and bookshelves finish the room; a pair of glass doors open onto the balcony.

Tanith says "Cool... this is nice!"

Yatashi leads you in past the kitchen and into the main room. "Have a seat. Would you like anything to drink?"

Tanith says "Oh, sure. Anything cold."
Tanith sits on the couch, putting her bag by her feet.

Yatashi nods, wanders into the kitchen, and comes out with a pair of glasses filled with a thick purple-red juice, a touch of froth on top from the pouring. The consistency is reminiscent of nectar drinks.

Yatashi hands one to you, pulls over a chair, and sits down opposite you.

Tanith pages: What is it?

Long distance to Tanith: You don't recognize it, quite. If you taste it, it's extremely good; unusual flavor, but pleasant and fruity, and relatively light going down.

Tanith sips. "Yum! What is it?"

Yatashi grins. "You don't want to know."

Tanith says "I don't? No, really."
Tanith sips more.

Yatashi hesitates. "There is an insect ... in a relatively undeveloped part of this world. Its blood is the main ingredient."

This is a total lie. But Yatashi doesn't want her to know he has conjuration and can fetch insects from elsewhere.

Yatashi looks slightly embarassed. "But it is flavorful, is it not?"

Tanith makes a face. "You're right, I didn't want to know."

Yatashi sips cheerfully.

Tanith looks around for a coaster.

Yatashi has no coasters.

Tanith just holds the glass, then.

Tanith says "You're not putting me *on*, are you?"

Yatashi smiles, eyes glinting. "Would I do that?"

Yatashi considers. "A swimsuit? Ah! Constantine left a message ... you are going to spend some time on the coast?"

Tanith nods! "We're going on vacation to some island."

Yatashi says "Oh, my. You must be excited."

Tanith says "Oh, I am!"
Tanith says "We really need the time alone, you know?"
Tanith says "Lots of stress..."

Yatashi grins. "I can understand that. Sometimes, it feels like ... mm ... your life is coming apart a little, in all the rush?"

Tanith considers that, shifting her glass to her other hand. "Yah, that's a good way of putting it. Fraying around the edges."

Yatashi nods. "I understand how that is. You want to ... get away, pull things back together, be stronger in the face of what comes ... have some fun in the sun?" He says the last with a smile.

Tanith nods. "Yah, have a little time off."
Tanith says "I'm going back to school in a few weeks, and I've been so *busy*..."

Yatashi grins. "I can understand that. When you care about a lot of things, you tend to get involved in a lot of things, yah?"

Tanith says "Yah... and sometimes it gets to be too much. We're leaving tomorrow. It'll be *keen*!"

That's three yesses in a row. It feels ... just a touch easier to agree with Yatashi, after each one.

Yatashi grins, and waves a hand around. "I'm on kind of a vacation, myself, all things considered. Do you like the place?"

Tanith looks around and nods. "Yah, it's very nice."

Yatashi grins. "I hired a friend for the decorating. But I'm enjoying it." He waves a hand over at the picture. "That's a Picasso, I think. Or a print. Am I right?"

Tanith peers over at the picture. "I have no idea."
Tanith says "But Picassos are mondo expensive, so it's probably a print."

Yatashi grins. "Well, it's nice enough either way."

Tanith says "Yup."

Yatashi grins. "I kind of like it. Although I admit that I'm partial to Constantine's, now ... knowing him and all."

Tanith giggles. "I love Constantine's stuff. But I'm biased."

Yatashi smiles. "Understandable. But his style ... I think he could be famous, if he wanted to be, even among people who aren't as prejudiced as ourselves."

Tanith says "Oh, no. Only dead artists get famous."

Yatashi laughs.

Tanith grins.

Yatashi says "Unfair world, huh?"

Tanith says "Life's tough."
Tanith grins. "He'll live."

Yatashi nods.
Yatashi says thoughtfully, "An island, was it?"

Tanith says "Yah, I'm not exactly sure."
Tanith says "It's sort of a surprise, I think!"

Yatashi grins.
Yatashi says "To settle your mind?"

Tanith says "For both of us, to relax."

Yatashi grins. "May I give to you a gift, to make it all the better?"

Tanith blinks, surprised, pleased. "Sure."

Yatashi grins. "Close your eyes. It's a surprise."

Tanith giggles, and covers her eyes, peeking out through her fingers for a moment, then in earnest.

Yatashi moves away for a moment. There is an air of ... presence, significance, about him now ... every move you can chart even with your eyes closed, although this doesn't seem unusual.

Yatashi is in the hall, opening a closet ...

Yatashi pulls something free ...

Yatashi comes out to the main room. "Hold out your hands."

Tanith looks tempted to peek, but remains patient a while longer.

Tanith holds out her hands.

Yatashi puts something slightly heavy and crystalline in your hands, and carefully closes them about it, putting his own hands around them. When you open your eyes, you see a crystal in colors of brilliant red and orange, sunset-over-Sierra-Madre colors ... in your hands.

Tanith says "Oooh... it's *lovely*, Yatashi."

Yatashi says with a smile, "Look into it. If you look carefully, there's something at the center ..."

Tanith looks up at your eyes, smiling, then peers into the center of the crystal.

[Inwards ... inwards ... it's easy to get lost, in the delicate latticework, crystal patterns in the crystal. You feel something ... changing, a burning ache deep in your soul moving, becoming a warm and fuzzy presence, and for a moment you know that that is Yatashi's gift to you for your vacation. Until the thought fades and the memory spins away into nothingness as you see the elegant image of a wry-expressioned fox caught in the lines of the inner crystal.]

Tanith breathes, "Ooh."

Yatashi grins. "Do you like it?"

Tanith says "It's *lovely*... it looks like it just *grew* that way."

Yatashi smiles. "I am pleased that you like it."

Tanith grins. "I love it! Where did you find it?"

Yatashi grins. "I make them. It is an art I picked up ... on one of the worlds I have been."

Tanith says, "You're an artist too." She grins. "But not a famous one."

Yatashi smiles. "Thank you."

Tanith turns that aside with a laugh.

Your eyes roam the bookshelf, fascinated ... things are a little fuzzy, but you don't notice, as minutes pass in subjective moments ...

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