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Clarisse (Chris Bertani)

A UCLA medical student -- her personality is best described by the term "manipulative." Very bright, a little cold.

She awoke to discover that she no longer had functioning eyes, but could function through an all-encompassing magnetic sense -- further experimentation allowed her to discover that she could create a strong field around her body, and use that field for protection, flight (tiring), and to enhance her strength. Also to fling about all the metal in an area (kind of a magnetic brick).

Favored weapon: steel crowbar.

She's discovered she can tell alien robot duplicates from real people, appears immune to alien weapons (on stun, at any rate), can pass through their forcefields (apparently also magnetic), and other useful stunts. She's been to the alien's base on the moon, and was partially responsible for stealing a flying saucer and turning it over to the government.

Typical Quotes:

"Why couldn't I be overthrowing a small south American country?"

"I've got a hundred, hundred fifty witnesses here -- take care of it."

Ace: "What kind of aliens?"
Lewis: "You mean there's more than one kind?!"
Ace: "What aliens did you see?"

Ace (Trevor Placker)

Another UCLA student -- undecided major, martial arts training, she has a generally confident attitude towards life.

She awoke to discover telekinetic abilities -- straightforward moving of objects, flight, able to project a force-bubble that protects her area from harm. She's also discovered through time that she seems to have "panic" powers -- she's inadvertently knocked everyone for a quarter kilometer unconscious, and crushed alien robots like tinfoil. But she doesn't panic easily. She can also (semi-reliably) tell "real people" from alien robots, but can't explain why.

Favored weapon: Anything overkill.

Typical Quotes:

"They shot me with an agonizer!"

Nate: "Oh, c'mon -- how many people have been to the moon?"
Diana: "I didn't want to go!"

Nate (Dave Flowers)

UCLA student, again undecided. Quiet, but he has a certain cunning, and tends to carry out plans in the background.

He actually got access to a fairly complete analysis of his powers at one point -- he gates power in from the Sun -- he's a living focus of some sort -- protected from most types of harm, able to project intense heat/light, and can teleport, apparently by gating himself through the heart of the Sun. He can also sense nearby energy sources.

Favored weapon: He doesn't like fighting. Whatever is handy.

Typical Quotes:

(anything intelligent)

"The person with wings is saying 'weird' to the person turning black and silver."

Diana: "I don't want to go mucking around in a dark building with spiders."
Nate: "Giant spiders."
Diana: "Giant spiders!"

Dave (Jeremy Gollub)

UCLA student -- madman driver, and generally a manic approach towards life. Tends to act first, and then regret it repeatedly.

He awoke to discover (embarassingly) that he could project his consciousness out of his body in a "shade" form -- apparently immune to physical harm, his shade interfered powerfully with energy of all types -- harmed electronics, knocked people unconscious. His subjective time when projected was increased by a factor of two, but he was limited in realtime to only about a minute of separation, growing weaker all the time he was "out." Damage to his shade form shows up in a backlash to his body, but fades rapidly. His body is always vulnerable. He can pick up objects while in shade-form, and has carried his body around to safer locations. He also exhibits an energy-sense similar to Nate's.

Favored weapon: None -- he can't take them through walls.

Typical Quotes:

"AAAAGH! NOOO!" (after having done something stupid)

Ace: "Okay, who's going to say it?"
Diana: "Say what?"
Ace: "Take us to your leader!"

Diana (The OTHER Gretchen)

San Jose university student, she's a fine acrobat, a good Catholic Hispanic girl, and the closest to a normal personality.

She awoke to discover (after a lot of alien mind games) that she had what might best be described as "angel wings." Semi-real wings that shimmer in and out of existence as needed, they allow her to cloak herself and others in illusions, and can be used as lethal weapons, or as shields. She can make them visible or invisible at will. She can induce sensory illusions directly into minds, and heals nearly instantly from wounds. She also has the pentecostal gift, and can speak and understand nearly any language (not very well, but...).

Favorite weapon: Wings.

Typical Quotes:

"So far it's God-2, Agnostic-0."

Lewis: "Saturday morning cartoons saved my life."

Lewis (Al Petterson)

A USC student, he's an actor. Easily given to a belief that he knows what he's doing, he's slightly arrogant (he'd say self-confident).

He awoke and discovered that he could flicker in and out of alternating stasis and extended time -- and could effectively teleport for short ranges by extending his time to maximum. His functionality is as a speedster/brick -- he's nearly immune to damage while in stasis, and his overall time-sense is increased. Through red/blue shifted wavelengths, he can see in the dark while flickering, although his normal view is an odd false-color overlay of several spectra. He's discovered that he can shred objects with his bare hands while flickering, and can throw objects in extended time and they work like projectiles.

Favorite weapon: [None given.]

Typical Quotes:

"I speed up -- and when I speed up -- I'm fast."

Lewis: "Bureau of Mad Scientists? Who are you people really?"


Alien Robot

They appear to be exact duplicates of normal humans -- until they're shot or otherwise injured. Under the skin they're built like Terminators, and can take about as much damage. They self-destruct completely when damaged beyond repair, and are hideously strong and fast compared to a human. Generally found with other aliens.

Favorite weapons: anything appropriate.

Typical Quotes:

"Of course I'm x."

"I don't understand."


Scientist: "I may be mad, but I'm not stupid."

Alien Mentalist

They've run into a couple of these -- or maybe just one several times -- they appear to dominate minds with a hypnotic gaze, to which Diana and Ace seem immune. They seem to be exceptionally tough, and act like well-trained humans otherwise (and possibly are well trained humans -- one was captured and resisted interrogation totally, but medical exams of him were totally human).

Favorite weapon: Hypnosis/alien robots.

Typical Quotes:

"Trust me."

Diana: "Power up and see if the spider does anything."

Alien Brick

A couple of these -- they're extremely strong (one of them, apparently a small female, had no difficulty fighting Ace's TK), very fast (react as fast as the PC speedsters), very tough (taken several blows from Clarisse with a crowbar, and not been appreciably damaged), recover nearly instantly (one appeared to be near death, and in a matter of around a minute was healed and awake), and can fire energy bolts from their eyes. Very nasty, but they seem to have a severe vulnerability to Dave's attack, and read as energy sources to his and Nate's energy sense.

Favorite weapon: Agonizer or bare hands.

Typical Quotes:

<laughter> (after being attacked)

The PC's have seen, but not encountered directly, (in gladiatorial contests on the moon base -- don't ask) aliens who have other paranormal abilities, most concerning energy manipulation.

Nate: "Well, the program they put you through had a bug..."

Experimental Subjects

Like the PCs but generally a failed experiment. Catatonics broadcasting nightmares, person growing superconductive webbing and animating spiders to steal power from the surroundings, berserker energy projectors...

Dave: "If we want to go to the moon, we need a flying saucer."

Alien Tech


This hand weapon resembles a "dust-buster" phaser. It has 3 apparent settings, and a user friendly control panel. The three settings appear to be stun, disintegrate, and heat object. Their "beam" is invisible to everyone but Clarisse.

Ace: "Russians, aliens, all the same thing."
Dave: "Remember, we haven't ruled out that this is all a commie plot."
Nate: "You may not have..."


Appears to be a rifle sized version of an agonizer. It has some extra settings, apparently related to area of effect, and is of higher power. ("What's it set on?" "Deep-fat fry" "That's a good one" <points and shoots>)

Ace: "Aliens don't have to pay taxes -- they control the IRS."

Flying Saucer

Actually shaped more like a red-blood cell platelet, they can turn invisible, maneuver like, well, a UFO, go FTL, and have some serious offense and defense capabilities. However, the controls are extremely user-unfriendly (Diana could read alien ideograms, and still crashed the saucer) with no obvious safety features.

Clarisse: "If you're talking about the people outside -- they're aliens."

Force Fields

Alien technology seems to rely heavily on magnetic based force fields -- door-fields in bases, etc. They're very strong, transparent (except to Clarisse), and very irritating to run into blind.

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