Champs on the Run


Diana: "I've been kidnapped by aliens!"
Clarisse: "You get used to it."


Dave, Nate, Ace, and Clarisse awaken in a military base in Arizona -- discover powers, discover aliens commanding the military. They escape, and get the FBI to agree to protect them from the military.

Dave: "Is it just a coincidence that all the female members of the team are getting disappeared?"
Nate: "Mars needs women?"


Our heroes take down two experimental subjects running loose in Chicago, who are engaging in terrorist attacks against government installations (they think aliens run the government...)

Dave: "The bit about the alien base is okay, but no exploring other star systems."

Experimental Siege

The PCs attempt to solve disappearances in a military lab complex -- the paranormal experiments are found to be responsible, and have to be stopped.

Nate: "Do we count as walking and sane?"


Clarisse is kidnapped from a small town in Virginia -- the others find out the townspeople have been stolen and replaced with exact duplicates -- except for an alien mentalist. They capture the mentalist, but Clarisse is still missing.

Nate: "There are three people [who have] real lives here."
Dave: "And we don't?"
Nate: "Oh, come on, your girlfriend is stuck on an alien base on the moon."
Dave: "Good point."


The characters decide to find out who at the top can be trusted -- they root out some alien spies in the Pentagon, steal a flying saucer, and crash it on Easter Island, where it self-destructs.

Ace: "The phrase 'a nest of alien zombies' describes this place."

Mind Games

Diana awakens in a mental institution, after dreaming of angels. They're polite, charming, and lying to her, she's sure. Her parents aren't really her parents, everyone else in there is an actor, and she thinks she has angel wings. And they won't let her out.

And then she discovers that her captors are aliens, she's on the moon, and Clarisse is in an alien boot camp... they cooperate and steal a flying saucer, successfully return to Earth, and land in a farmer's wheat field in Kansas.

Ace: "We could tell them that we saw a flying saucer in an Army base in the middle of the desert -- we fought aliens, and they shot me with an agonizer."
Dave: "No, we better save the truth for a last resort."


Clarisse and Nate get to play government agents as they approach Lewis, who has been told only that aliens have secretly infiltrated the government -- and they resemble aliens to him. Diplomacy and some combat comes through, and they go off to investigate the failed experiment haunting downtown L.A.

Nate: "We have justification -- we're from the government, and we're here to help them."

Aliens in Texas

Two Texas A&M students gain paranormal abilities, and proceed to cause a commotion -- aliens replace about 50 people by robots in an attempt to cover up, and the FBI sends their paranormals in to recruit/stop the aliens. The team encounters a "milspec" Daxamite, and are terrified enough to still live in fear, even although he's unconscious, behind lead shielding, and carefully monitored.

Clarisse: "Have you noticed anything unusual?"
Howie: "Besides reading thoughts?"

Clarisse: "The US Army is infiltrated by aliens."
J.D.: "No way!"
Clarisse: "Why do you think we lost Vietnam?"

Diana: "I'm not an alien!"
J.D.: "How do you know this?"

Diana: "Am I a robot?" (After an interview with an alien psychologist who was stealing people and replacing them with robot duplicates.)

Ace: "We should probably do something because turning people into robots is probably a Federal crime."

Clarisse: "How do aliens get all the good houses?"

Clarisse: "Move fast?"
Diana: "Yes."
Clarisse: "Strong?"
Diana: "Yes."
Clarisse: "Tough?"
Diana: "Yes."
Clarisse: "Beams from eyes?"
Diana: "Not yet."

The Amusement Park Bandit

John Hart acquires precognitive powers, along with laser eyes, and proceeds to terrorize Disneyland, Sea World, and various other amusement parks, in an effort to find paranormals. He does, as the slightly annoyed FBI catches up to him.

Hart: "Where do I start? Governments are easy to find -- wackos are hard!"

Lost Son of Krypton

A small town, the middle of Kansas -- a man falls from the sky, is found unconscious in a crater, apparently unscratched. Awakening with no memory, he discovers he is not like other men -- to him great power is given -- superstrength, speed, invulnerability, X-ray vision... they're not as great as the comix, but they're about the right scale for him to be "Superman's son." Assuming the name of Kent Jordan, he seeks the vanished heroes of Earth...

Ace: "This one doesn't have deep-fat fry -- set it to maximum mertilize."

Diana: "How did you find us?"
Clarisse: "We followed the flying saucer!"

Hicks versus Aliens

A backwater area of Lousiana is terrorized by aliens...but it's really just an "inconspicuous" distress call from a long-buried flying saucer...

Ace: "Maybe they don't see the way we do -- maybe they're just stupid."

Ace: "Clearly these people need better dance music."
Dave: "That's why they've come to Earth!"

<We locked our keys in the flying saucer -- do you have a coathanger we could borrow?> ("translated" from the alien mime...)

Ace: "It's probably an old dialect of alien."

Max Jones, Man of Steel

The FBI has succeeded in tracking down Tolkov and Masters (the mad scientists creating paranormals) -- they want the paranormals around when they make contact... and a good thing, too, since "Tolkov" and "Masters" turn out to be robot duplicates. An interrupted transformation leaves Max Jones permanently trapped in a steel body.

"Copely Woods? Where's that?"

Yet more investigation by the FBI into alien kidnappings pays off -- a family being subjected to an unknown form of experimentation by aliens is rescued from their plots.

The Awful Truth

Clarisse holds a baby shower for her new baby "daughter" (really a clone) -- unexpected guests drop in, in the form of a top-ranking alien defector with a warning, his Daxamite bodyguard, and a robot assistant. The warning: Earth is about to be invaded, specifically Australia. The aliens are going to come in, use only Earth-maximum technology, and demonstrate forcibly why their culture is superior... They have two months, and only a handful of paranormals, versus an army of Daxamites, mind-controlling "officers," and "scouts." Why is he here? It seems that he wasn't picked to organize the invasion and conquer Earth -- so he's going to show up the guy who was picked...

Clarisse: "It's surprising -- you wouldn't expect an evil mind-controlling alien leader to be a sensitive human being."
Freddy: "Yes -- but my job requires me to be sensitive."

Kent: "Plus, if you have superheroes, who needs clowns?"

"Drink Coca-Cola or Die!" (example of cultural conquest taken too far...)

Ace: "Did I hear Clarisse proposing for someone else to become more moral?"
Nate: "I think she's still drugged."
Clarisse: "It's better for me if everyone else is moral!"

"This is Radio Free Earth." (The short form of the plan to reverse the cultural conquest...)

Freddy: "And then I'll meet world leaders, and they'll agree to help us."
Diana: "Are you going to do unethical things to their minds?"
Freddy: "Do you want the Earth conquered by aliens?"

Kent: "If we could fly, and were humble, we'd be perfect." (on Daxamites)

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