Champs on the Run


And still more character sketches [and adventure summaries] -- these characters are for a slightly silly Champions game which is best described as "Late Night TV Champions" -- the primary theme of the campaign is best described as "Aliens are secretly infiltrating the Earth" -- think of late night B movies, and you've got the genre down.

The unusual aspects to this campaign were that the players (and characters) did not know what powers they had been given, nor, in some cases, did they know about the aliens (none of the characters started out knowing anything -- they were all normal humans, of college age -- their origins wiped out about two weeks of their memories before that -- so they never knew precisely how they came to be in the situation they were in after their awakening).

Overall, the paranormals have wound up working for the FBI (they thought the CIA had been infiltrated like the military had been). They've been running around the country trying to find out more about the aliens, looking for alien plots (and finding them), more paranormals, and the mad scientists who created them (using technology they believe was stolen from the aliens).

Diana: "Were you kidnapped by aliens, too?"
Lewis: "Well -- you were kidnapped by aliens?"
Diana: "Weren't we all?"

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