Before Breakfast, Incorporated

Before Breakfast Inc. is the fastest growing corporation in the world, with assets of over one billion dollars. Founded four years ago, it maintains headquarters in Los Angeles, and offices in half-a-dozen other countries. It started by employing a team of paranormals, the "Avant-Guard" to do security work, and went on to develop other uses for paranormals to do "impossible" tasks. The largest projects are security and satellite launches by paranormal, followed by new technologies development, the latest being the unveiling of an extremely lifelike type of android bodyguard/probe for hostile environments.

Before Breakfast currently has a pool of over 20 paranormals to draw from, and is able to configure teams for a wide variety of situations. Response time can be on the order of minutes. Fees reflect this...

Before Breakfast.
No job too Big, No Fee too Large.

Internal Memo

To: BB Inner Circle (Conrad, Molly, Andrea, Mark)
Re: BB conquers the universe.

a) BB has the only two known paranormals with FTL.

b) There exist aliens. Earth is interdicted. Most probably the aliens left out there are stupid in some way - mental, governmental, etc.

  1. Locate the Alien Scout that must be in orbit. (somewhere in the system) (perhaps mindscanning - Phoenix)
  2. Buy, borrow, or steal a ship with hyperdrive (we want reproducible FTL)
  3. Build a power source in belt (mirrors) (plus a base)
  4. Disperse Serge to orbital net of satellites, also nodes to supervise asteroid factory.
  5. Refine metals from asteroid. Conrad got this idea for 'distilling' metals from an asteroid using mirror (3). He figures processing about 1 cubic mile every six months!
  6. Rake in profits!
  7. Cooperate with Mr. White - he has the manpower (psionic fungi as alternative lifting source). Build more FTL ships.

Top Secret: For Immediate Release to all Media

Before Breakfast, Inc. is proud to announce a new subdivision of the company, Before Breakfast Launch Services. Before Breakfast Launch Services will be able to conduct 150 launches per year of 25 tons anywhere from LEO to lunar orbit, or 125 tons to LEO orbit alone. Launches will go to the highest bidder, with the caveat that 10 launches will be reserved for furthering space science, minimum fee 10 million dollars. This price has been set to foster the development of conventional launchers, as our method is not readily duplicatable, and hence will remain expensive, while we hope that conventional launchers will improve to the point where paranormal launches are not needed.

Because the payload will be launched telekinetically, it will feel no jar or excessive acceleration upon launch, so payloads need not necessarily be of rugged design.

The market for space exists, it is merely necessary for one company to show the way. We feel that our company is capable of taking this next step, and hope that we will have many competitors soon.

(Before Breakfast After Launch Service will be announced after the initial media blitz.)

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