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Before Breakfast is the colloquial name for a Champions universe created by the ECNG. It's an incredibly long-running campaign -- while there is currently not much active play in it, there are potential plans to revive it at least for millennial play, and some of us are still playing or at least keeping active characters we created in and for that world.

The world is named for the first campaign set in it: one centered around Before Breakfast, Incorporated, a company of paranormals who realized they could make money from their powers. They also formed a traditional masked hero group, the Avant Guard, so they could do pro bono work.

The time in the Before Breakfast universe runs at a rate of 1:1 with realtime; the characters all age, heal, and learn at more or less realtime rates, and adventures are set very close to the actual date on which they are held.

There's a less concise overall background of the universe, with more specific treatises on some of the more intricate details, such as technology and other global changes, some promotional material from Before Breakfast, Inc., an overview of what it's like for paranormals outside the United States, and some in-depth material on the fey, a rather unique group of naturalized aliens.

For more specific information on campaigns and individuals, you should see the page for the campaign in question (from the Before Breakfast page, or the Before Breakfast Files.

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