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Europe has less costumed paranormals than America. More Europeans tend to work for government or just make a bundle using their abilities than dress up in silly costumes and fight crime. Also, with the exception of Britain and Italy, the Authorities frown on vigilanteism. Moreover, there is no pan-European equivalent of SAT or the Soviet Union's Defenders of the People. Scandinavia does field a superteam, but on the whole, paranormals simply work for the police department or the army and just get assigned more violent duty (assuming the paranormal wants to "fight crime").

East Block countries use variants of the Defenders of the People (though most have been renamed and reshuffled in the last year or so), highly trained "normals" with technology specifically designed to subdue paranormals with a minimum of damage and danger to bystanders. The Defenders use a mix of gravitic and force-field technology - fields in which Soviet technology is slightly ahead of western equivalents. Their electronics, however, still suck. :-) Soviets put more emphasis into psi research than the West, this may be the reason for their advantage in these fields)

East Block countries stopped training paranormals in combat when the Soviet paranormal and assassin teams had a falling out over glasnost/hard line policies...most of the members of both sides died, along with much expensive and irreplacable technology (about 2 billion rubles of technology went down the drain). The losing side, the hard-liners, defected and formed VIPER, an international free-lanced assassination society. They are headed by Styelok (Deadshot), who is currently believed to be dead.

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