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Technology and Other Changes

This is all for character design purposes. Some characters may be aware of certain of these facts, due to their origin or history, but most of this information is unavailable within the universe, except to members of the appropriate professions.

Technology is slightly more advanced than present, with pockets of innovative technology that have yet to make an impact on society. There exists an infant science of psionics, and it has been discovered that gravity control can only be achieved through mental force. Gravitic technology requires a living mind as part of the apparatus.

Mechanical teleportation and desolidification have both been tried, with fatal difficulties associated with both of them... Some applications for these have nevertheless been discovered, and some commercial uses exist.

Magic exists, but is not widely known nor used by the general population.

Interdimensional travel is difficult to impossible at the present time. Until three years ago, Earth was a dimensional nexus. Even low power sorcerers could summon gods, and it was possible to travel through interdimensional gates to and from Earth with ease. Then, in early 1988, the gates to Earth slammed shut, stranding a large number of travellers on Earth, permanently.

Aliens exist, but Earth is under Interdict for reasons not widely known to Galactic citizens. Some leak through, but not many who cannot pass for human, as there are watchers...

There exist at least three human subspecies on the planet Earth: Homo sapiens, Homo post hominem, and Homo sapiens danae.

Homo sapiens are ordinary people, a little stronger, faster and tougher than in the real world.

Homo post hominem are the next step up. They tend to be faster than normals, with keener senses that extend beyond human perception in both discriminatory abilities and range. Their enhanced nervous systems have some difficulties dealing with drugs.

Homo sapiens danae are elves. No really, the faerie folk exist. They look similar to humans, but tend to be taller and fairer than normals, regenerate, turn invisible, walk on air, see into the infrared and ultraviolet, live about twice as long as normal, and tend to have wild talents of their own. They're not particularly fertile, but can crossbreed with humans. They also have some mild problems with iron and steel.

(They are often unbalanced, as well, ranging from eccentric to totally nuts.)

It seems that as many as 1 in 10 humans possess latent abilities. It requires the proper kind of stress to bring them forth, and the exact nature of the appropriate stress is unknown. "Radiation" accidents occur, but very seldom. Most kinds of lethal stress kill people before their powers become operant. There is however, a criminal organization called JumpStart that claims to have found the secret...

It may make sense to refer to the Before Breakfast houserules for actual character design.

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