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Paranormals were unknown to the world at large until the spring of 1987, when a ten-story tall titan walked out of the water on Ventura Beach and was fought by a team of costumed superheroes on live TV. The existence of paranormals had been suspected (the Rhine experiments, and so forth).

Paranormals had existed previously, but were kept out of the media by Project: Smokescreen, run by the DSHA (Department of SuperHuman Affairs, the secret (and quasi-legal) government agency in charge of such things), in the belief that media attention would cause large numbers of paranormals who would not otherwise think of putting on costumes and being vigilantes to do so, and suspecting that the common man might become discouraged due to some perceived disadvantage (a la Watchmen). The media lock had become progressively harder to maintain, so it was dropped. The freed media now featured more and more about paranormals, and, unsurprisingly, there was more parnormal activity.

One of the stories the press featured was the mismanagement of the DSHA. Their operations were mismanaged disasters, crudely covered up, the scientists they employed seemed to be dangerously unbalanced, frequently working on secret pet projects that created large numbers of paranormal and other menaces (see: Mechanon), and the budget was much too large and mostly wasted. In January 1989 the DSHA was abolished, the enforcement arm becoming SAT (Special American Tactics), and the records (such as there were, DSHA being more paranoid than even the CIA) were handed to a new government agency, the BPA (Bureau of Paranormal Affairs) whose sole function is to collect information about paranormals and to make it available to the police forces and other government and public institutions.

SAT is a federal paranormal enforcement agency, formed to deal with and otherwise police paranormals. SAT teams are stationed all over the country, concentrated on the coasts where the highest density of paranormal activity occurs. The SAT heavy weapons teams, who accounted for most of SAT's budget were withdrawn after the SAT bioengineered virus weapon which was supposed to only affect paranormals was found to have some unforseen effects. SAT is still an effective police force for paranormals, though, relying more on willpower and tactics than on physical strength.

Public superteams exist, some working in conjunction with the police, some working as private investigative firms, and some practically as city or county employees. Several companies have appeared with paranormals openly working for them, the first of which, Before Breakfast, Inc. achieved national recognition for living up to their reputation that "no job is impossible, no fee is too large" by saving the world after SAT, the Army, and superhero forces could not defeat the menace. BB currently offers a wide range of services ranging from security to orbital launches.

Superheroes accumulated in most major cities, with varying results. New York was overrun with angst ridden paranormals, and the San Francisco/Berkeley area accumulated misfits who usually did more damage "accidentally" than the villians ever could; Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Seattle, all had teams. Los Angeles seems to be where many paranormals good and bad accumulated, and were most favorably received, the Bay Area being the second largest concentration of paranormals on the west coast.

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